Guess What Came to Dinner? Parasites and Your Health

The shocking truth about parasites

Are you having difficulty shaking off an illness? Have you been feeling chronically tired and listless? Do you have a health problem your doctor can’t identify? The cause may be parasites in your body. If you think that parasitic diseases happen only to people in Third World countries, think again. The rate of parasite-related disorders in North America is sky-rocketing.

In a completely revised and updated edition of Ann Louise Gittleman’s 1993 classic, GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER? PARASITES AND YOUR HEALTH, the most authoritative book on the subject for consumers, you’ll find the information you need to guard against these unwelcome organisms.

In the pages of GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER?, you’ll discover:

  • What parasites are, why they are harmful and how they are spread
  • The role of parasites in allergies, chronic fatigue, bowel disorders and immune dysfunction
  • The latest antiparasitic drugs, treatments, and herbal cures to combat parasites
  • New information on emerging parasitic species and breakthrough methods of detection

Ann Louise also describes the symptoms of parasitic diseases symptoms that are easily confused with those of other common health disorders. And most importantly, she offers practical advice on how to parasite-proof your diet and your lifestyle.

The growing threat of parasitic disease is real, and GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER? is your guide to taking an important first step in defending yourself and your loved ones from this hidden epidemic.

A Note from Ann Louise:

When I first wrote GUESS WHAT CAME TO DINNER? back in 1993, many people found the whole idea of parasites living inside a human host, well, quite shocking to say the least. Thankfully today, however, the general public has come to realize the cold, hard fact: Parasites are not only alive and well but thriving among (and in) a good sector of the American population.

Parasites invade our homes, workplaces, day-care centers, restaurants, produce aisles, water resources, pets, and just about any other place we eat, sleep, or play.  Some of them are pathogenic; all of them destroy our health and well-being.  And the chilling truth is, parasitic infections are continually on the rise.

Perhaps never before has it been more crucial for each of us to take action than right now. I hope that after reading this book, you will come away with a greater understanding of how we all are at risk for parasites, and what each of us can do to reduce that risk.

“Ann Louise Gittleman writes with the authority of an expert who has mastered the subject in every respect: the cause, the condition, and the solution.”

—The Consumers Medical Journal

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