Super Nutrition for Men

Protect, heal and supercharge your body—A must-read for men and the women who love them.

SUPER NUTRITION FOR MEN provides reliable and easy-to-understand answers to the most pressing questions about nutrition and health. Within these pages, you’ll learn how nutrition can be a powerful weapon for preventing disease, increasing longevity, and achieving overall wellness.

The book begins with a look at how the typical American diet— loaded with refined, processed foods and high in sugar, salt, and hydrogenated fats— is failing to properly nourish today’s active man. Then it goes on to explain how you can put the power of balanced nutrition to work for you to protect your prostate; keep your heart healthy; enhance your sex life; conquer problems such as impotence and infertility; minimize hair loss; and overcome substance abuse. You’ll also learn how to choose and maintain the best exercise program for you, and how to incorporate the right amounts of the right foods into your diet – both at home and on the go.

The important programs presented in SUPER NUTRITION FOR MEN have been specifically designed to fit easily into anyone’s busy schedule. The rewards —greater health, more energy, and improved appearance —will be well worth the effort.

SUPER NUTRITION FOR MEN includes innovative programs for:

  • Protecting the prostate
  • Healing the heart
  • Supercharging sex
  • Controlling hair loss
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Reducing stress

Also included are great recommendations for eating at home and on the go.

“SUPER NUTRITION FOR MEN is a real find. In our day of information overload, this book provides clear and helpful information on the nutritional issues that most concern men. Whether the topic is food, supplements, or the latest news on antioxidants, which protect male health, this volume is a must. Its author provides straight talk based on science, sense, and observation-not fads or fashion. I highly recommend Ann Louise’s book.”

—Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D. Author of Anti-Fat Nutrients

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