Episode 138
Episode 138: Howard Leonhardt – The Future of Longevity & Wellness is Here!

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Howard Leonhardt

The First Lady of Nutrition welcomes Howard Leonhardt, the extraordinary founder of Leonhardt Ventures LLC and Lionheart Health, Inc.  Leonhardt Ventures is the world’s first Innovation Accelerator focused on the convergence of bioelectrics & biologics for organ regeneration, longevity, wellness and healing. Lionheart Health is bringing to commercialization a full pipeline of Leonhardt patented inventions targeted to MedSpas and Sports Medicine Clinics and also plans to open up a dozen of its own Lionheart Health Longevity and Wellness MedSpas over the next 5 years. The technology platform features bioelectric stimulation controlled release of key anti-aging and health improvement proteins such as Klotho. Over 3400 papers have been published on Klotho. If you are low in circulating Klotho you are aging more rapidly. Howard has patented a way to increase your circulating Klotho dramatically with bioelectric stimulation. Join Ann Louise and Howard for a fascinating glimpse into the future – which is HERE NOW – of human regeneration and the reality of reversing aging… including how Longevity and Wellness MedSpas are already booming; the technology to reliably totally regenerate hearts, brains, lungs, livers, kidneys, pancreas, vision, and hearing. Howard also shares with us how his company is launching products for regenerating skin and hair, body toning, as well as for enhanced sexual health, longevity and wellness. This is an interview you will NOT want to miss!! For more information check out: www.leonhardtventures.com; www.lionhearthealthstim.com & www.bodstim.com for rapid muscle building and with Klotho aging reversal. Let them know that Ann Louise sent you!

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  1. Silvester

    The podcast with Howard Leonhardt was especially engaging! Hearing from this amazing entrepreneur where the future of innovative health care is going is both fascinating and a bit formidable. I appreciate the variety of guests that Ann Louise exposes us to.

  2. Melanie

    I loved hearing about all of this. It was definitely fascinating and left me curious to know more! Thank you for the opportunity to listen in!


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