Episode 16
Plague of Corruption Part 1 – Episode 16: Dr. Judy A. Mikovits

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Judy A. Mikovits – Part 1

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits
Shaking up the old boys’ club, molecular biologist, biochemist, and co-author of the best-selling book, Plague of Corruption, Dr. Judy Mikovits is making headlines across the world with groundbreaking revelations of what she considers the sinister truth behind the current pandemic. In what may be the most mind-blowing interview I’ve done to date, Dr. Mikovits answers many of the most pressing questions my audience is asking, including: Is this a naturally occurring or a lab-grown virus? Are the numbers being inflated? If you were hospitalized with this virus, what should you do? Are we headed for mandatory vaccination? What are the most effective ways to both prevent and treat this virus? This is an interview you can’t afford to miss.

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  1. Lynn Tapper

    Wondering about Fauci’s co-hort in Trump briefings. Is she also a turn-coat? She advocates masks which tells me she is either a turn-coat or not knowledgeable.

    • Refound America

      This nearly 2 hr video of Dr. Judy Mikovits is packed with A LOT of information.
      * About the 1st 1/2 is Dr. Judy’s background.
      * About 1:24 meat of video
      *The last 15-10 mins are her thoughts on prominent people & agencies – informative.

      4 Video takeaways: The Scientist working in Fauci’s circles explains
      * Masks will increase the speed in which the virus replicates with deadly results
      * Vaccines for Covid-19 will be fuel for a fire of another outbreak
      * The goal is a coverup of Fauci’s scientific work done in the 80’s for AIDS.
      * Also mentioned, how GMOs cause diabetes & overweight and MMR vaccines given to black babies before age 3 was proven to give autism or kill them and much more.


      • Brigitte

        This video has been removed by ‘YouTube’… Isn’t that ‘interesting’

    • Colleen

      I’ve only heard her shun masks -in numerous podcasts/interviews she says she refuses to wear them and that they are immunosuppressive.

    • Heather Knittel

      I am a registered nurse in Upstate, NY and I have been questioning many, many things in my career but more so since the Coronavirus has been here in the US. I want to know what Dr Mikovits comments, thoughts and advice is with regards to “COVID toe” in children. My 11 year old autistic son developed purple toes on his right foot last week. He has had X-rays and strep tests, even was tested for COVID 19. Everything was negative… his pediatrician is wonderful and is willing to have him tested for antibodies in a couple weeks but if he does have “COVID toe” I just don’t understand how and why he is developing this symptom and no others. I also want to thank her for standing up and speaking out… I can’t explain the emotions that I am feeling listening to her interviews and her story. I have a profound instinct inside me since I was a little girl to be a nurse and care for people… I have quested many things over the years. God bless her and thank you doesn’t begin to describe what I am experiencing emotionally right now.

  2. Brigitte

    OMG..Thankyou ALG for this podcast. I’m stunned by these revelations. To think that there are people in this world that would generate this sort of thing against their fellow man for $$$$. I mean, just how much money could a person want – how much is enough !!!

    • Diana

      Brigitte, these corrupt global elites are attempting to make vaccines mandatory for adults as well as children. This planndemic has been used to attempt to destroy a duly elected president and ruin the robust economy he built. There’s a lot going on.

  3. Linda

    The best information Ive heard yet .

  4. Carolyn Stone

    How do you get the information on our phone that says by wearing a mask it will affect our lungs? So we can show this to stores so we don’t have to wear a mask.

    • Shebbops

      Just don’t give those stores your business. Stores should have right to set whatever protocols they think they safe. You won’t convince someone whose is an Emoloyee with a post on your phone. That you think you could makes me doubt your critical thinking capacity.

      • Rebecca Gonzalez

        I am a nanny and I start a new job in June with a newborn. My new boss wants me to have tdap vaccine. I’m not happy about it. Should I take the vaccine?

        Thank you so much

      • Sid

        I’ve seen customers in stores that require masks, such as Costco because they let the staff know they were not supposed to wear mask because of health issues. It is possible. I’ve seen in happen in front of me. It never hurts to ask, then decide what to do with the answer you receive.

    • Mari

      Its not a law…it’s a suggestion. No one can force you or they can be sued.

  5. Rhonda

    Hospitals with Medicare patients diagnosed with simple non-COVID pneumonia receive a one-time lump sum payment of $4,600. If that patient is diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, the Medicare coverage is a one-time $13,000 payment.
    If that COVID-19 pneumonia patient is put on a ventilator, the one-time payment is $39,000 (3x as much). Minnesota State Senator and physician, Dr. Scott Jensen brought attention to this and the CDC manual for death certification. An eye-opening article. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/04/12/state-senator-and-doctor-exposes-medicare-payouts-for-covid-19-patients/

  6. Rebecca Gonzalez

    I am a nanny and I start a new job in June with a newborn. My new boss wants me to have tdap vaccine. I’m not happy about it. Should I take the vaccine?

    Thank you so much

    • Karen

      Hopefully people will take off their blinders and see what our government has done to us. I worry about the future for my grand and great grandchildren.

      • Karen

        Hopefully people will remove the blinders from their eyes and see how we are being led like sheep to be slaughtered. We need to fight for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We need to get our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus back into the picture stronger than ever.

        • Patricia

          I couldn’t hear ALG recommendation for ?? At 500m three times a day.

          • Ann Louise L Gittleman

            You are referring to quercetin — 500 mg two to three times daily.

  7. Carol Bowd

    Finally !! the truth revealed… of bringing the corruption in misuse of vaccines and vaccinations

    May the truth be revealed and THE TRUTH SET US FREE
    ITS A DECLARATION… and it has to be known and UNDERSTOOD and APPLIED

  8. Mikki Cooper

    There have been children with the virus, low numbers but still, why do you say they do not get it?

  9. Carrie LeTourneau

    How can we get her book? I’m afraid they have already blocked us from getting it!!! Can’t find it on any sites and website errors.

  10. Jay

    Dear Ann Louise: If you wish to “Re-write the Rules of Nutrition” as your tag lines says, I would highly advise that you research the information that you post on your site before doing so. It’s easy to do, as there are many fact-checking sites out there. Just because someone has a best-selling book (fear sells VERY well), and just because Judy Mikovits has some allegedly notable credentials (which I don’t have time to verify), that does NOT necessarily make her an expert on anything, or a credible authority to use to perpetuate fear, doubt and paranoia, which it seems we’re not in short supply of just with the ACTUAL facts, much less fabricated ones. If you YOURSELF wish to be seen as a credible resource, which I can only assume you are, though I don’t that for sure, and don’t have time or the need to verify any other posts on your site except this one. A link to this article was posted on Facebook by someone that also doesn’t check out the articles she reposts, and I’m trying to work on the side of preventing people that aren’t knowledgeable, and don’t have the research capabilities that I do, from reading things like this and “assuming they’re true because they’re on the Internet,” since fear and willful ignorance will kill us LONG before Covid or any other virus will.

    Below I’ll summarize a FEW of the FACTS, confirmed by Snopes, a highly credible research and fact-checking site, the full article which is posted on their site here: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/scientist-vaccine-jailed/

    A few bullet points, if I may, to pique the interest of your readers that are otherwise being grossly misled by this unresearched post, hoping that they will research this for themselves before making potentially vital decisions about their own health, or the health of loved ones:

    First, Judy Mikovits is NOT a medical doctor, but does have a PhD, so putting “Dr.” in front of her name, without PhD after her name is misleading

    Second, Mikovits was NOT “thrown in jail” in 2009 as she claims, “after she refused to discredit research that led to the discovery that deadly retroviruses have been transmitted through vaccines.” She was first fired from her job as Research Director at Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI), after she and her colleagues published a research paper in the prestigious journal “Science,” claiming to have “discovered a retrovirus called “xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus” (XMRV) and the poorly understood condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), suggesting a potential viral cause for CFS” (and later possibly Covid-19 as well). “The paper received substantial international coverage. However, as with so many other potentially groundbreaking studies, nobody — including many of the same researchers involved with the original study — was able to replicate its results. Numerous attempts failed to replicate the study, and the research itself came under increasing scrutiny for sloppy methods and its reliance on misleading or manufactured figures.” (Snopes). Later the editors of “Science” retracted the paper in full, stating in addition to the above, “there is evidence of poor quality control in a number of specific experiments in the Report … Given all of these issues, Science has lost confidence in the Report and the validity of its conclusions.” In addition, “Three months later, the Whittemore Peterson Institute fired Judy Mikovits amid concerns over the integrity of her work and her collaboration with an outside scientist. The [outside] scientist behind a study that linked chronic fatigue syndrome to a virus has lost her job and is now facing accusations that she has misrepresented data. Judy Mikovits … was fired on 29 September after she clashed with the institute’s president and co-founder, Annette Whittemore, over the work of another researcher.”

    According to Snopes again, “A few months after that, Mikovits was arrested [and criminally charged] in southern California “on an ‘out of county warrant’ from Washoe County, Nevada, for allegedly taking lab notebooks, a computer, and other material from the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Reno, Nevada, after the WPI fired her.” The arrest came in conjunction with a lawsuit from WPI that sought a restraining order to block Mikovits’ destruction of data which they maintained belonged to the institute.” “The [criminal] charges were dropped, NOT because of the merits of the case, but due to a variety of complicating legal factors related to the family that runs the Whittemore Peterson Institute,” (where she was employed) … namely that “a judge who had ruled against Mikovits recusing himself. The judge removed himself from the case because he received campaign donations from WPI co-founder Harvey Whittemore, who himself has been criminally charged with making illegal campaign contributions to a federal official.”

    “Fast forwarding to 2018, we find that Mikovits has become lionized by the medical conspiracy community, appearing on unreliable websites such as Natural News and giving talks at fringe conferences such as The Truth About Cancer and Autism One, with her claims echoing through the various clickbait factories that regurgitate wholesale content from these dubious organizations.”

    Again, according to Snopes, “Astute readers may note that the 2009 paper discussed above did not concern vaccines. Mikovits, following the publication of her since-retracted paper, made a series of unsupported claims that XMRV was the cause of myriad other medical maladies, including autism and cancer, and that XMRV in humans could have its origins in mouse cells used in the vaccine production process — a notion that has been exhaustively discredited.”

    Further, “To suggest that Mikovits’ arrest stemmed from a perceived threat to the vaccine industry or “The Deep State” and not her alleged refusal to return scientific data and equipment to the institute that fired her requires [asterisks inserted by myself] *** completely ignoring this large body of scientific work while solely relying on the narrative presented by Mikovits in her 2014 book, Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases.”***

    And more via Snopes, “The Reality. Since 2016, science has reached the consensus view that the XMRV detected in these various studies was a laboratory contaminant which affected the research cell lines used by the scientists conducting those studies, and that it was not a virus that had been transmitted to humans in any way. In a video produced by the conspiracy website Natural News in 2018, however, Mikovits made a series of additional claims that she had been fired and jailed for exposing that millions of Americans had supposedly been infected with viruses “that came from out of labs into humans via contaminated blood and vaccines.”

    As noted above, “Mikovits’ controversial paper did not demonstrate that XMRV “came out of the lab into humans via contaminated blood and vaccines”; rather, it speculated such after seemingly demonstrating a (now discredited) association between XMRV and CFS. To say Mikovits was jailed for exposing widespread virus transmission via vaccines or blood transfusions is false, not only because she was actually jailed for allegedly stealing property, but also because she never scientifically demonstrated the claim she suggests the government wanted to silence her over.”

    And finally, my somewhat brief overview of the full Snopes investigation concludes with:

    “Therefore, Mikovits’ speculative claims linking her research to vaccine science, drawing the ire of “Big Pharma” and the “Deep State”, and her subsequent arrest are not rooted in science or reality. But although she may have lost the support of the scientific community, she appears to have found a new home in the pseudoscientific conspiracy world.”

    “In the United States of America … everything’s censored,” Mikovits said on the website of a man who guest hosts Alex Jones’ Infowars conspiracy ranting, “so to look at things like Natural News, to come to meetings like The Truth About Cancer, I was just floored today because today was the first time I was treated like a human being who had knowledge for a very long time.”

    “In 2020, Mikovits was featured in a film called “Plandemic” that supposedly exposed “the hidden agenda behind the COVID-19” coronavirus disease pandemic.”

    My OWN personal conclusion and opinion, based on extensive reading about this woman, and drawing from the research of Snopes and others (FAR more fully than I have summarized here), is that Judy Mikovits, allegedly holding a PhD, is an over-educated quack that publishes research papers in prestigious scientific journals, only to have, not one, but ALL of her research papers since at least 2009, discredited and retracted by these same prestigious journals, due to her “sloppy methods and [her] reliance on misleading or manufactured figures,” working with 3rd party, unaccredited scientists she could coerce to agree with her, just so she could attempt to boost her long-gone credibility and become famous for “discovering” something that doesn’t exist. In her futile attempt to inflate her already gigantic ego, she’s perpetuating endless conspiracy theories, using the medical conspiracy community (who will listen to anyone), appearing on unreliable websites (who will listen to anyone), speaking at “fringe conferences” (who will listen to anyone), and simply “regurgitating wholesale content from these dubious organizations.” And finally, because she was fired not once, but several times from various research positions, one being under virtually the ONLY voice of reason in this entire debacle, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has no problem disputing Trump’s often ridiculous statements (just to avoid admitting he doesn’t know everything) RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, due to his unbendable integrity, and long history advising the last four Presidents, from BOTH parties, in the same position he holds now, Mikovits is trying to discredit Anthony Fauci as her last straw. To believe this woman, who has been unanimously discredited for at least a decade, imprisoned for stealing government property, and proven to use whatever methods necessary to prove her fabricated theories, is to believe in the tooth fairy. Actually, I take that back. I DO believe in the tooth fairy, but only to enhance the joy and wonder of children, but NOT in the name of science. Respectfully submitted…

    • Rhonda Burns

      Thank you for your post. I’d like to take the opportunity, if I may, to respond to as many points as possible. First of all, you state that Snopes is a highly credible research and fact-checking site, but I would be careful where I got my information. It is well known that Snopes is not a reliable source. Rather, it is a highly biased, politically motivated site that has been embroiled in legal battles.

      Snopes is 50% owned by an ad agency (Proper Media) and they make money by generating millions of views on the 3rd-party advertisements on their website. It is to their advantage to seek out trending articles to “debunk”, so that they can take advantage of that traffic and generate more advertising revenue. Snopes was founded by a husband and wife team who were embroiled a contentious divorce in which founder David Mikkelsen was accused of embezzling $98,000 of company money to spend on “himself and prostitutes”. Snopes hired a team of suspect fact checkers who collaborate to debunk falsehoods that are trending on the internet. These fact checkers reportedly have no editorial oversight and do not follow standard journalistic procedures such as interviewing the authors of articles they are trying to debunk to get all sides of the story. That info didn’t come from Snopes, it came from this news article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4042194/Facebook-fact-checker-arbitrate-fake-news-accused-defrauding-website-pay-prostitutes-staff-includes-escort-porn-star-Vice-Vixen-domme.html.

      You bring up the point that about “Dr.” being used to address someone with a PhD. Theoretically, you are right. However, that is not what is currently being used on Facebook or other mediums.

      Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (or Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM [hon.], DMM [hon.] if you prefer), a Harvard-trained expert in emerging diseases and media communications, on the subject of coronavirus bioweapon, media bioterrorism, and recommendations to reduce risks to public health and safety, had this to say in a letter to White House officials: “Media censorship conceals accurate intelligence…. Suppression of coronavirus science, as with vaccination risks, is part of the pattern and practice of similarly disregarding the public’s health and safety for commercial and political gains.”

      By the way, the criminal charges against Judy Mikovits were dropped: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2012/06/criminal-charges-dropped-against-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-researcher-judy-mikovits

      I’m not sure if you actually listened to the podcast interview that Ann Louise did with Judy Mikovits, but if you did you would realize that her intent and focus was on preventive and natural means of coping with viral infections. To this end, there was a lot of insightful information provided.

    • David Schafer

      You NOW NEED to FACT CHECK the Fact Checkers! NO LONGER CREDIBLE! Snopes is no longer independent not unbiased. It’s owned my BIG MEDIA GIANT Reuters!

  11. Ruth Czerniak

    Thank.you for exposing the lies and telling the truth. May you have favor and protection in ‘going out and coming in’ and may you be blessed. From Pastor Ruth

  12. Jane

    Just a comment to someone above who was questioning your professionalism and credibility by you posting this article and had said SNOPES claims this scientist is a scam and that SNOPES is a legitimate website to fact check. This is false. Snopes is run by a husband and wife team who started it 13 years ago as a hobby. They have no research or investigative background. They conduct polls on topics and this is how they “fact check”. Totally unreliable source.

  13. Dawn Hames

    the video will not play anymore

    • Ann Louise L Gittleman

      Plandemic is being banned….THIS interview is ALIVE and WELL>

  14. Catherine

    I was shocked to find FaucI tried a similar track with HIV/AIDS. He withheld treatments and pumped the idea of a vaccine. Redfield, Birx, Collins and Lipkin were around then too.


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