Episode 23
The Fungus-Disease Connection – Episode 23: Doug Kaufmann

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Doug Kaufmann

Dr. Delores Cahill
Ann Louise welcomes good friend and associate Doug Kaufmann to her podcast. Mr. Kaufmann is the host of the popular television show “Know the Cause” and is an expert on the fungal connection to a myriad of infections and ailments, including cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune illness. During the podcast, Mr. Kaufmann speaks to the potential link between fungus and the current pandemic.

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  1. Jess

    Dear Ann Louise Gittelman,

    I love your podcasts…so informative. I was exposed to mold in my home 2 years ago. I’ve moved but my health is a source of worry. What is the total herbal healing protocol for molds? Thank you.,

  2. Team ALG


    These are the recommended supplements but they are not herbal remedies.
    Liposomal glutathione, 250 mg a day, gradually increasing to 500 mg for detoxification
    Probiotics, 100 billion units a day for the gut
    Omega 3, 1000-2000 mg a day for inflammation
    CoQ10, 200 mg a day for support of our cell’s mitrochondria

  3. Aysel Trummel

    I believe that fungus is the root cause of a lot of diseases. I am originally from Turkey. We grew our own wheat, corn, grains and they were never kept in metal silos. We stored them inside our homes in wooden containers. We mainly ate grains, everyday, a lot of the times ate it with homemade yogurt and garlic. Never had issues with weight and diseases. I didn’t develop issues with weight until after I moved United States.


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