Episode 142
When Teeth and Feet Come First – Episode 142: Ron Hruska

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Ron Hruska

It’s not every day that Ann Louise has the privilege of interviewing a brilliant and humble healer like Ron Hruska. Ron is the founder of the internationally acclaimed Postural Restoration Institute. The institute was established over two decades ago to investigate and explain the science of postural adaptations, asymmetrical patterns and the influence of polyarticular chains of muscles. Ron’s mission is based on the development of an innovative treatment that addresses the primary contributions of poor posture as a result of maladaptation by one or multiple tissues within the human movement system. Join Ann Louise and Ron as they explore topics such as why everything you know about ‘good posture’ is wrong and how to correct it; the different dynamics of the right and left sides of our body; how major sensory points like our feet and even our teeth profoundly impact our posture; the secrets of breathing that relieve stress and boost energy; how improper shoe wear can quickly defeat any Physical Therapy program; and much more! Check out www.hruska-clinic.com for Ron’s vetted recommended Best Shoe List, utilized by practitioners across the globe when trying to find appropriate shoe wear for their patients and clients.

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