Introducing EMF Jewelry

September 22, 2017

Protect your body from the environment.

They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” When my friend and top medical researcher/writer Val Burke came to visit this summer, she surprised me with a gift of handcrafted jewelry with my initials. You see, Val is also a jewelry artist, and I love the necklace and earrings she made for me!

During our visit, I explained how there is a huge need for metal-free EMF protective jewelry. My clients and followers have been inquiring about this for years. We all live in a sea of radiation—computers, cell phones, portable phones, power lines, routers, Wi-Fi and the like. Evidence is mounting about the potential hazards of cumulative EMF exposure, and we are finally beginning to understand the mechanisms for how this type of radiation damages human tissues.

Wearing metals only amplifies the risk. Metals act as micro-antennae reflecting and concentrating these disruptive radiofrequencies, drawing them to us like a magnet. More about that later. Getting back to the EMF jewelry, Val really loved the idea so she immediately dove into the research upon her return. Here is what she discovered—and look at the stunning/healing results!

Certain Gemstones and Crystals Block EMFs

For thousands of years, traditional healers have used methods that modern science fails to comprehend—and one of those is the healing power of crystals. Along with their many other benefits, certain natural stones and crystals actually block EMFs, thereby offering some measure of protection to us humans who live in this chaotic electrical soup.

We are electrical beings. Everything in the natural world produces an electromagnetic field, from animals to humans to the earth herself. It makes sense that EMFs from manmade devices could not help but interact with our own electromagnetic fields, in one way or another.

Do crystals actually work? There’s a long answer and a short answer. The short one is, I don’t know! The long one is, there are as many answers as those providing them.

We know that crystals generate electromagnetic fields of their own. German studies show that our cells emit something called biophotons—weak electromagnetic fields that help them communicate with each other, and the electromagnetic radiation from crystals impacts these biophotons.¹ When crystals are placed on us or near us, our brain patterns actually change.² The effects can be profound when a crystal encounters like-frequencies, a phenomenon known as “resonance.”

Marcel Vogel, a long-time senior scientist at IBM, developed an interest in the subtle energies of crystals. He theorized that crystals are capable of amplifying and focusing the natural healing energies of the body.³ But Dr. Vogel wasn’t the only scientist with a fascination with the healing powers of crystals. The writings of the famous holistic medicine pioneer and psychic Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) are filled with references to the vibrational nature of crystals, and how they can be harnessed to influence our mental and physical health—and even our intuitive abilities.

Who are the Radiofrequency Rock Stars of the Mineral Kingdom?

The crystals Val has selected for her EMF jewelry are those reported to pack the biggest punch, in terms of blocking and absorbing EMFs. Two worth mentioning are shungite and black tourmaline.

Shungite is a rare and ancient carbon-based mineral sourced only from the village Shun’ga in the Karelia region of Russia.⁴ Shungite is able to absorb and neutralize unnatural frequencies due to its unique molecular structure. It’s the only known natural material possessing hollow carbon cages known as fullerenes, which neutralize EMFs. These molecular structures are also called “Bucky balls,” named after Buckminster Fuller whose geodesic domes they resemble. The scientists who discovered fullerenes even won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996.

If you want to watch shungite in action, several YouTube videos demonstrate the mineral’s EMF-blocking properties through the use of an EMF meter.⁵ ⁶

Black tourmaline is another EMF rock star. This stone is reputed to offer EMF protection due to its piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is a fancy term for the ability of a crystal (or other material) to generate current when subjected to vibration or mechanical stress. Interestingly, tourmaline also emits far infrared waves, which is why it’s now being used in infrared saunas. For more about the EMF-shielding properties of various gemstones, see the table at the end of this post.

So, how do you choose the right stone? It’s fairly simple… let it choose you. Given what we know about the phenomenon of resonance, a particular stone or crystal does not affect everyone the same way because each of our vibrational fields is unique. Expert Paul Martin explains the “intuitive intelligence” of choosing stones:⁷

“Every single stone has its own special vibration. That’s why different people are called to a different stone, because it’s in alignment with what their vibration is… that particular vibration is when a person comes in here and they can walk through not notice many extraordinary stones, but all of a sudden, they are attracted to a particular stone. That sense of attraction is intuitive intelligence, as far as I am concerned. And it’s the most important thing that happens here and maybe a lot of places in life; pay attention to that sense of attraction because it’s your right brain, your intuitive intelligence is communicating.”

A Special Offer Just for YOU

Valerie Burke has worked in the healing profession for more than 25 years. Prior to her career in medical science she was well on her way to a Master’s Degree in Geology, so it’s really no surprise she’s become enchanted with the healing powers of crystals. Adding a line of EMF jewelry was the logical next step—after all, why not have jewelry be functional, as well as beautiful?

Do these pieces actually help shield us from EMFs? I honestly can’t say!

What I can say is, Val spent a great deal of time researching and reviewing information from experts who know far more than we on this subject. Many electrosensitive individuals report feeling better when wearing certain stones and crystals—these folks are exquisitely sensitive to electromagnetic energies.

One thing making Val’s EMF jewelry unique is her minimal use of metals. In the presence of electromagnetic fields, metals act like micro antennae—concentrating and strengthening those radiofrequencies. The same is true for dental fillings, dental and medical implants (screws, plates, artificial joints), and even some IUDs. Wearing metal jewelry is like wearing an EMF magnet on your body—and that’s the last thing you want to do! Val’s EMF jewelry features semiprecious natural gemstones chosen for their top EMF-protective qualities.

You can view Val’s EMF jewelry on her online store, Shungite Queen.

Four BIG Reasons to Avoid Being Zapped

Why should you be worried about your level of EMF exposure? Permit me to provide you with a short “primer” that I learned from writing Zapped, my book about the dangers of EMFs. As any electrosensitive individual will tell you, the effects are real. Even though medical science remains fickle on the issue, a few recent studies deserve special attention. Realize that these are just the tip of the iceberg, as science lags behind common sense.

1. The fact that radiofrequency waves inflict damage to living systems is now undeniable.

A 2015 meta-analysis involving 100 peer-reviewed studies concluded that radiofrequency (RF) waves from cell phones can damage DNA and lead to a variety of health problems. In 93 of 100 peer-reviewed studies, RF waves produce oxidative effects in “biological systems” (of course, we are one). The study found that using a cellphone for just 20 minutes per day for five years increased a person’s risk of brain tumor by 300 percent.⁸

Holding a cellphone to your ear allows between 10 and 80 percent of the EMFs to penetrate two inches into your brain—which is especially concerning for infants and children whose delicate brains are still developing.

2. EMFs may damage our children’s health even before they are born.

Cellphone radiation may disrupt an infant’s brain development in utero. In a study published in the journal Epidemiology, researchers found a 25 percent increase in emotional problems, 34 percent increase in peer relationship issues, 35 percent increased hyperactivity, and 49 percent more behavioral problems among children whose mothers used cellphones during pregnancy, compared to moms who did not.⁹

3. EMFs appear to alter calcium metabolism, which drives up inflammation in the body.

The mechanism by which non-ionizing radiation can inflict biological harm has been elusive, but Dr. Martin Pall may have found the answer. He discovered that wireless radiation disturbs calcium metabolism, allowing excess calcium into your cells by activating something called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC).¹⁰ He believes this excess intracellular calcium is responsible for most if not all of the biological effects of manmade EMFs, including inflammation, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO) now classifies radiofrequency fields as a possible carcinogen.

4. Wireless technologies damage our mitochondria—the little “battery packs” inside our cells.

Dr. Pall also discovered that EMF radiation triggers reactive nitrogen species (ROS) peroxynitrites, which damage mitochondria. Without working mitochondria, our bodies cannot function because their power supply is shut off. Peroxynitrites are also associated with inflammation, a major factor in just about every chronic disease. Given all this, it’s not surprising EMFs have been associated with a broad array of health problems, including the following:

• Reproductive effects (e.g., reduced sperm count and motility, reduced fertility)
• DNA damage and oxidative stress
• Brain cancer¹¹
• Blood-brain barrier hyperpermeability
• Cognitive problems (impaired reaction time, memory, brain fog)
• Behavioral abnormalities
• Insomnia
• Fatigue and malaise
• Tachycardia
• Digestive disturbances
• Cataracts

The Best Way to Protect Yourself

There are oodles of gadgets out there professing to block EMFs. Whether they work or not is anybody’s guess, as empirical testing is next to impossible. There is also a good deal of conflicting scientific information about what works and what doesn’t, and about what levels of exposure are unsafe. Do you really want to wait for medical science or our government regulators to catch up? I would rather be proactive now and take some steps to protect myself and my family, instead of trying to deal with damage that could be irreversible later.

The adverse effects of cellphones and other wireless technologies may take years—even decades—to develop. EMF exposure is cumulative. Remember cigarettes and lung cancer? This is why many other countries have already taken action to limit EMF exposure.

If you choose to wear EMF protective jewelry, beware of becoming overconfident. Even if these stones provide some measure of protection, wearing them is not a license for limitless exposure. The foundation of your EMF defense plan should be minimizing your exposure while supporting your body’s innate ability to protect and heal itself. EMF jewelry should only be used as a “supplement,” an added boost—like adding a multivitamin to an already healthy diet.

The only sure way to protect yourself is to reduce your overall exposure… unplug, reconnect with nature, eat well, and support your body’s detoxification efforts. Energy medicine can also be very beneficial.

Here are a few additional strategies:

1. Keep your cellphone away from your head, and increase your distance from RF-emitting devices as much as possible
2. Don’t let your child use a cellphone
3. Limit cellphone use to areas with excellent reception because the phones use more power (and therefore emit more radiation) in areas of poor reception
4. Turn off your Wi-Fi router and cellphone when not in use
5. Unplug your bedroom
6. Consider eliminating wireless altogether, and opt for Ethernet cables instead

Crystal & Mineral Properties

Shungite: EMF protection, shielding, grounding; absorption of negative energy from person or space; detoxifier (free radicals, viruses, bacteria)

Black Tourmaline: EMF protection, grounding, calming; transmuting of energy due to mineral’s piezoelectric effects; said to repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack; decreased worrying, stress, anxiety

Smokey Quartz: EMF protection, grounding; powerful stone that emits high level of energy; removal of negativity; transformation; absorption and transmuting of energy; root and solar plexus chakras

Amazonite: Blocks EMFs; balancing; expression; inspiration; soothes emotional trauma; balances masculine and feminine; calms all chakras

Aventurine: Absorbs EMFs, environmental pollutants, geopathic stress; guards against psychic attack; protects and stabilizes the mind; helps us get “unstuck”

Unakite: EMF protection; balance; releases energetic blockages and helps us get “unstuck”; spiritual insight, vision and “third eye”

Sodalite: Clears EMFs; grounding; focusing energy and improving intuition; awakening; self-expression; confidence; clearing mental confusion; emotional balance; peace; works with throat and third-eye chakras and pineal gland

Hematite: Protection from EMFs and geopathic stress; grounding; balancing; detoxification (especially liver and blood); root chakra; has slight magnetic charge (some say to avoid if you have a pacemaker)

Pyrite: Shielding from all types of negative energy; protection from environmental pollution and physical danger; promoting good health and well-being; luck, abundance, and prosperity

Lapis Lazuli: Shielding, intuition, power; shielding and deflection of negative energy; protection from psychic attack; opening and balancing throat chakra

Malachite: Absorption of radioactivity and other pollution; purification and discharge of negative energy; stone of healing and transformation; may amplify energies, good or bad, so best used in small doses; because malachite absorbs negative energy, clear your malachite often but do not use salt as it will damage the finish

Azurite: Communication and expression, including spiritual communication; intuition and guidance; “third eye” awakening and psychic abilities; throat chakra

Jasper: Protection and absorption of all types of negative energy; the “supreme nurturer”; healing; tranquility; balances physical, mental and emotional energies

Fluorite: Protection; cleansing; clearing negative or chaotic energies; stabilizing; harmonizing; enhances spiritual connection

Epidote: Energy enhancer (amplifies whatever stones you put it with); helps reverse negative thought patterns (sadness, despondency, hopelessness, etc.); improves memory; spiritual growth

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  1. Sheila R.

    Thank you for this blog — am going to hop over to the site and pick out some healthy jewelery for gifts. Am so happy you posted this.

  2. diana folden

    well not much help here or insentive to purchase anything, like russian roulette..which one is going to work for you! certainly not new for me but i am ems and have lyme bacteria and i need to be off the grid. was off for two months but not enough knowlege at the time to realize other things i SHOULD have been doing. detox baths etc…factor in the cost of doing things that will give relief and i am simply discouraged that i will ever see daylight. i am 76 and my head fills up with lymph and takes away my motivation…so basically NO LIFE……waiting on Jehovah and the New World…This feeling is absolutely horrible and along with it are the palpatations. enjoyed the webinars on parasites. thanks for that

    • Valerie Burke

      Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your comment! I am happy to chat with you if you have any specific questions about my jewelry. As a fellow Lyme sufferer (and several other life-long medical challenges), I know how hard it can be. It is a bit like Russian roulette knowing if ANY of the numerous treatments will work for us, but I keep trying new things. And it’s expensive. I have kept the jewelry prices as low as I can and still be able to gather supplies… I suspect I will have to raise the prices due to the cost of materials. I did provide a coupon (see the article), to help out Ann Louise’s followers. If you are interested in having anything custom made, I would be delighted to work with you on that. Please feel free to contact me via my website,

      Hang in there… sending healing thoughts your way.


  3. steve

    What about Nuummite?

  4. Team ALG

    Steve, Nuummite is an ancient stone providing tremendous grounding. It is an excellent source of energy with a strong electro-magnetic field.

  5. zirah1

    Ann Louise mentioned there being a number of videos on YouTube about shungite and EMF protection and I happened to watch one where a man was talking about “sheildite”, although it seemed like he was just using that term for shungite. However, I could be wrong about that. Anyway, he mentioned the pendants and other things getting “saturated” w/ all the EMFs pretty quickly and them needing to be cleaned/cleared every couple of days by grounding (using the earth) for about 10 min or so, or putting them in contact w/ the kitchen faucet tap, which apparently legally has to be grounded. Anyone have any input about this? I don’t remember ALG mentioning the jewelry and other shungite items needing to be cleared periodically.

    • Team ALG

      zirah, recharging shungite hasn’t been mentioned.I have read references to recharging it by holding it under running water for 2 minutes (use the water for your plants). It can’t hurt if you wear it often.

      • Valerie Burke

        To all who have expressed concern about clearing or “recharging” shungite, it isn’t necessary. Shungite does not filter out EMFs but rather transforms them into biologically harmless frequencies. Due to its unique molecular structure, it doesn’t hold onto them, so there is no need for clearing. In fact, many people place their crystals that DO need clearing on a shungite tile. For more information, I have a comprehensive report on my website at

  6. Team ALG

    Great information! Be sure to check it out!



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