With my new job and outrageous busy schedule, dinner is usually from my favorite chain restaurant.  I know these foods contain trans fats, but I figure as long as I stay under a certain calorie count, I won’t gain weight.  Is this true?

While counting calories is a smart way to control weight, now evidence reveals that trans fats can negate the effects of limiting calories.  Researchers discovered that when two groups ate an equal number of calories, those who consumed trans fats gained 5.4 percent more body weight (all of which went to the abdominal area) than those who consumed healthy fats.  Even more disturbing: Stored fat from elsewhere in the body migrates to the abdomen, increasing belly fat in the trans-fat group by 30 percent.  You already know that restaurants often make fried foods and pastry dishes with partially hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats.  So when dining out, order items prepared with olive oil whenever possible.  And when purchasing packaged foods, scan the ingredient list on the label for partially hydrogenated oil to further limit your trans-fat intake.

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