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Ask Ann Louise

Learn to Battle Environmental Toxins – Ann Louise Is Making Her Personal Resources Available to You!

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Today more than ever before, we are bombarded by environmental pollution  and chemicals – toxins that leave us increasingly vulnerable to a host of auto-immune disorders. The ALG Inner Circle is my exclusive new program designed to provide more personal, more in-depth, and more practical content for everyone who is ready to fully invest in their own health and wellness, as well as the wellness of those they love.  IC Read More

Do grilled meats really cause cancer?

I love grilling out in the summer. It’s always been a win-win: I spend less time in the kitchen and I lose 10 to 20 pounds because I stick to lean meat and veggies. But a friend just insisted that grilling meat can lead to cancer…should I be worried? You don’t need to put away the grill just yet. Carcinogens are only formed during grilling when fat drippings burn and Read More

Can Stevia Help My Sweet Cravings?

I’m a total sugarholic. I can’t walk by the office candy bowl without grabbing a handful. And forget about the days we have birthday cake! I’m starting to feel a little paranoid that people are looking at me and thinking, ‘She sure can’t control herself.’ Is there a way to tame my sweet tooth? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sugar cravings are primarily genetically predetermined. To fulfill yours-without filling Read More

Could HCl Deficiency Be Behind My Stomach Gurgles?

My stomach gurgles so loudly that my fifth-grade students all erupt into giggling fits! And it happens all the time-even when I’ve just eaten and don’t feel the least bit hungry. Is my body trying to tell me to eat more? It’s unlikely, especially if you’ve just eaten a balanced meal and feel satisfied. Instead, your grumbles are more likely the result of a hydrochloric acid (HCl) deficiency. This enzyme Read More

Help Me Beat My Snack Attacks!

I’ve been bringing frozen “diet” lunches to work for weeks, but an hour after eating, I’m starving. I’ve even started stealing coworkers’ snacks from the refrigerator! The other day I heard somebody mention the “kitchen thief,” and I wanted to crawl under my desk. I’m afraid I’m just too lazy to lose! What can I do? Ditch the frozen entrees and eat something that actually satisfies your hunger. Try stocking Read More