I’m going to a family reunion on Labor Day weekend, and I really want to slim down. It makes me red just imagining my relatives’ reactions to my size. I want to try a detox so I can lose 10 pounds this week, but I have high blood pressure. Is it safe?

Check with your doctor, but in my experience as a nutritionist, I’ve seen detox diets work wonders for high blood pressure. By cleansing a sluggish liver, a detox helps the cardiovascular system, too. When the liver isn’t operating at its peak, blood vessels constrict, so the heart has to work harder to circulate blood. In addition, a sluggish liver can’t break down aldosterone, a hormone that causes the body to retain sodium and, with it, water. The result: Your belly bloats and excess fluid enters the bloodstream, further burdening the heart. That said, a detox is meant to be done only for a short time. For an excellent detox diet, pick up The Fat Flush Plan

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