I look forward to a daily candy-bar break, but after gaining 14 pounds since Halloween, I switched to energy bars. Well, three weeks later I haven’t shed an ounce. Turns out these “healthy” bars are loaded with sugar and partially hydrogenated oil. Is there a bar that will satisfy my snack attacks and help me lose?

Nutritious energy bars do exist, although many are actually worse for you than candy bars, thanks to added sugar, trans fats or partially hydrogenated oil (all common weight-gain culprits). A better bet: raw-food bars. They’re made with fruit, nuts and seeds, so they’re high in filling fiber. Even better, many contain ingredients that can speed weight loss. Many are made with coconut, a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids, which are proven to boost metabolic rate by up to 50 percent. Some also contain probiotics, gut-friendly bacteria that improve digestion and help reduce sugar cravings. Brands to try include ThinkOrganic! and LäraBars, both available at health-food stores in flavors like apple pie and cashew-pecan.

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