My coworker recently lost 25 pounds, and she swears mushroom powder was her secret weapon. She sprinkled it on everything and the weight just fell off. Could it work for me?

Mushroom powder can help you lose weight, but it might not be your best option. The mushrooms in this supplement are treated with high-intensity lights that increase their vitamin D levels. And since the powder doesn’t have many other nutritional perks, it’s likely that the vitamin D is what prompted your friend’s weight loss. Studies show that this nutrient can reduce fat storage, increase fat burn and promote the development of lean muscle mass.

Since mushroom powder can be pricey (up to $9 for an 18-day supply), I suggest taking 1,000 IUs of vitamin D daily. Your waistline will start to shrink–plus, as a welcome bonus, your energy levels should increase–within two weeks.

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