I’ve always heard exercise gives you all this energy, but I’ve started working out during my lunch break and I feel downright grouchy every day, that’s just not me! What gives?

You might not be getting enough liquid to offset the sweat lost during your workout. Research at the University of Connecticut found that even mild dehydration (defined as a 1.5 percent loss in water volume) can trigger irritability, fatigue and headaches in women. But since thirst doesn’t kick in until more extreme water loss (2 percent of your water volume), mild dehydration can be difficult to detect.

My advice: Drink 4 oz. of water upon waking up, then every hour after that until your workout. I also suggest drinking a whey-protein smoothie after your workout to help with hydration and muscle recovery. As a bonus, studies show that women who sip a post-exercise protein shake shed twice as much fat and build 63 percent more lean muscle than those who choose carbohydrate-based drinks.

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