Why does my husband have more willpower?   As part of our pact to lose weight, my husband and I decided to start skipping dessert.  But most nights I crave sugar so badly, I end up cheating.  Meanwhile, my husband hasn’t been tempted once and lost 5 pounds in four days.  Why can’t I muster the same willpower?

A new study shows that, compared with men, women demonstrate a far stronger “addiction” to sweets.  The female brain produces up to 80 percent more feel-good serotonin following sugar intake.  In women, sugar also hyperstimulates the brain’s “reward” centers.  As a result, women who cut out sweets tend to experience intense withdrawal, which can last up to seven days and come with acute cravings or blue moods.  The easiest fix: Supplement with L-glutamine.  The body converts this amino acid into glutamic acid, a healthy source of glucose that instantly reduces dependence on refined sugar (and thus blunts cravings).  For best results, take a daily 3 gram supplement like Now Sports L-Glutamine 1,000 mg (at iHerb.com).

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