The Fast Track Detox Diet

Get on the Fast Track — It’s safe. It feels terrific. And it works.

Debuted on 20/20, THE FAST TRACK DETOX DIET brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century as Ann Louise integrates her safe and healthy Fast into a powerful lifestyle program.

On THE FAST TRACK you will:

  • Cleanse your system back to glowing health and vitality
  • Get rid of unhealthy, fattening toxins
  • Jump-start your metabolism

THE FAST TRACK provides an easy-to-follow eleven-day detox plan including a Seven-Day Prequel, a One-Day Fast featuring Ann Louise’s Miracle Juice, a Three-Day Sequel, and three maintenance paths that offer something for every dieter out there.

There’s no need for a strict maintenance plan or more dieting because THE FAST TRACK DETOX DIET purges your body of fattening toxins so that you’ll keep losing weight once you’re finished.

“Brilliant, enlightening, and powerful are just a few words that describe Ann Louise’s FAST TRACK DETOX DIET. This is not just a diet book but rather an extraordinary analysis of how we should eat in our toxic world. Offering ground breaking solutions that will definitely improve the status of your health, Ann Louise confirms my own belief that detox is a poorly understood missing link in the quest for optimum health. I can’t wait to try her program!”

—Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C, C.N.S Author of The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology

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