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What’s in YOUR Nutritional Supplements?

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Not all nutritional supplements are created equal. You’re just starting the Fat Flush Plan and are staring at the list of UNI KEY supplements used in the program. They may stretch your budget, so you question: “What am I actually paying for?” Why not go find the cheapest comparable product online, or in the local pharmacy or big box store? The answers to these questions may shock you, and are Read More

Missing Minerals that Make Menopause Miserable

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Zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Key vitamins and minerals are a woman’s best friend to zap menopause symptoms and balance hormones. Thankfully supplying missing minerals and vitamins can help quell symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, bloating, and irritability that are often the result of low tissue levels of a vitamin or mineral. The good news about symptoms caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies is that they can usually Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Gift with his health in mind. Father’s Day is this Sunday and if it snuck up on you, I’m here to help. The men in our lives so often serve as a strong, calming presence. They offer us their love, their loyalty, and their protection—and always put our care before their own. So, with that in mind I have a fantastic gift idea. Let’s make dad a “care package” that Read More

The New Thyroid Cure

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The superstar supplement I bet you aren’t taking. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located just below the larynx—and it plays a profound role in the behind-the-scenes of your health. Ladies should especially take note, as issues with this critical gland impact women eight times more often than men. The health of your thyroid isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Problems have been linked to obesity, depression, brain Read More

Top 5 Super Supplements for Spring

It’s the season to love your liver! Today is the first day of spring, and although the calendar doesn’t lie, sometimes the weather gets confused these days. It’s snowing in Idaho and 82 degrees in Chicago. But regardless of your locale, your body knows that from March 20-June 19 is the best time of the year to direct your detox intentions to the liver. Your liver, after all, is your Read More

Supercharge Your Immunity

Fight cell phone pollution from the inside out. Since the news broke that the World Health Organization has classified cell phones as a “possible carcinogenic hazard” the media has been relentless. Yesterday, the NY Times even weighed in. I think there is plenty we can do right now—today—to protect ourselves before we learn that cell phones really weren’t good for our health in the first place. (Think about the suppression of evidence regarding tobacco, asbestos, agent orange, HRT, and tanning beds.) Here’s Read More