Boost Your Own Stem Cells, Naturally

August 1, 2019
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

You hold within your body the ultimate natural cure – your very own stem cells

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was such a joy to watch Christopher Reeve play Superman on the big screen – and such a devastating blow to see him paralyzed from the neck down after his horseback riding accident a decade later. When he discovered embryonic stem cell research in the early 2000s, he spoke with such passion about the hope it gave him for a full recovery and the ability to walk again. But, the discovery of the power of embryonic stem cells was wrought with ethical controversy, and he succumbed to his injuries before scientific research progressed into the safe, ethical therapies we have available today.

Reeve’s outspoken advocacy paved the way for people like Jack Nicklaus to be able to golf again. Stem cell rejuvenation therapy helped Jack overcome the debilitating back pain that kept him from the sport he loved. And it isn’t just the rich and famous who can benefit from stem cells – you can boost your own stem cell production naturally – without the big price tag or dangers associated with other stem cell therapies.

What Are Stem Cells?

Your body is constantly renewing and repairing itself, and much of that process is thanks to stem cells. Stem cells have unlimited potential, and can be used to build a variety of different tissues, depending on what your body needs at the time. There are several different types of stem cells made by the human body, but for the purposes of this article, we are talking only about adult stem cells.

Adult stem cells exist throughout your entire body from the time you were an embryo. These stem cells continue to be made throughout your life, but production slows down as you get older. These cells are undifferentiated and can stay that way for years, waiting until your body calls them into action for a specific purpose. It’s like having a lot of staple ingredients in your home – milk, flour, oil – but they don’t have a defined purpose until you pull out the recipe and put them to work.

Once your body calls on the stem cells for a specific purpose, they begin growing and dividing indefinitely, turning into whatever tissue is needed. Scientists have found evidence of stem cells in the brain, liver, skin, muscles, bone marrow, blood, and blood vessels. Stem cells dividing and regenerating are how your skin wound heals, and they can even regenerate an entire organ!

The Stem Cell Controversy

As research into stem cell therapies grows, the controversy around them deepens. The oldest controversy is around embryonic stem cells, because harvesting these cells means a fertilized egg cannot continue to develop into a fetus. Once the stem cells are harvested, then researchers are often taking human stem cells and putting them into animals, which is another ethical issue. These are the reasons why, in many countries, it is illegal to produce embryonic stem cell lines.

The final controversy is around stem cell therapies that are expensive and ineffective, illegal, or even dangerous. There are a variety of anti-aging treatments derived from stem cells that claim to be the “fountain of youth,” including everything from Sandra Bullock’s expensive facial skin care to experimental new cardiovascular treatments you can only get overseas. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing your own research into the safety and effectiveness of those types of therapies, none of which I endorse in this article.

What I see as the most beneficial is to naturally encourage the production of your body’s own stem cells, which is safe, effective, and inexpensive. Changing what you eat, how you eat, and taking nutritional supplements nourishes and stimulates your body to heal itself, without risk or harm.

Boost Your Body’s Own Stem Cell Production

Do you remember how quickly you rebounded from an illness or injury as a child? You can thank your ample supply of stem cells for that rapid healing. According to MIT researchers, you can reverse your age-related stem cell decline with one simple change in how you eat – intermittent fasting.

When you partake in even an occasional short-term fast, your body makes up for the lack of glucose during that time by turning to fatty acids for fuel. This fatty acid oxidation boosts your intestinal stem cell function, which in turn has a positive effect on your immune system, too. While this connection has not yet been well studied, the research is promising enough that health care providers are recommending intermittent fasting as a way to regenerate stem cell function.

Need help getting started? Then you need my Radical Metabolism plan, which teaches you how to incorporate intermittent fasting with the anti-inflammatory eating plan for optimal health and weight loss.

Offal is NOT Awful for Stem Cells

Organ meats, also known as offal, are a rich dietary source of vitamin K2. This powerhouse vitamin is shown in studies to activate the stem cells in your blood and bone marrow. Grassfed liver – especially goose – tops the list of must-have stem cell boosting foods.

If offal still sounds awful to you, then consider adding bone marrow to your diet, either through roasting large bones or in bone broth. Bone marrow is not only anti-inflammatory and loaded with collagen and vitamin B12, but is also rich in natural stem cell activators.

If  you’re short on time, you can buy ready-made bone broth. I trust the Kettle & Fire brand because their formula is made using only 100% grass-fed bones, organic vegetables and herbs, is free of any hormone, antibiotics and artificial ingredients, and is USDA approved. Simply heat for a few minutes on a stove and enjoy. Be my guest and save 15% off your first order with code ANNLOUISE15. 

Supplement with Stem Cell Activators

As we age and fewer stem cells are available for repair, scientists have noticed that when repair is signaled, fewer stem cells also respond and activate. One of the most exciting and promising new products I’ve found is the line of stem cell activators from Medix4Life. Using the latest advances in nanotechnology, Medix4Life’s team of scientists created an unprecedented line of Stem Cell Activators. The activators are tasteless and are easily mixed with water or juice.

Their formulas contain the regulatory proteins that activate your body’s own stem cell response, which is an excellent complement to the dietary changes that boost production. These non-toxic serums are specific to the tissues and organs they target – heart, lungs, brain, ligaments, joints and tendons, endocrine system – virtually any part of your body that needs repair and rejuvenation.

I especially like the formula for connective tissue for skin and joints which I’ve recommended to friends (CNT Medix). One of my friends was even able to repair a heart valve with these!

HOW TO ORDER STEM CELL ACTIVATORS: You will need to visit, register an account, and use Practitioner Code US18020003 to order.


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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books including The Fat Flush Plan series and her latest book, Radical Metabolism. She’s been rewriting the rules of nutrition for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of diet, detox and women’s health issues. 

For a FREE daily dose of tips and strategies for maintaining healthy weight, conquering insomnia, and much more…check out my Radical Health Tips.

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  4. Renee

    Can you take more than one stem cell activator or is it best to only address on body system at a time?

    • Ann Louise Gittleman

      Renee — you can take up to four stem cell activators per time.

  5. Becky

    What an amazingly interesting article. Thank you! I hope these can help my husband. The problem is that his tests almost always come back negative so we don’t really know what is wrong. Thanks for sharing!

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      HI BECKY,
      I am seeing that a lot of “mystery” illnesses are due to Round-Up found in our food. It is not the water and the air we breathe. It is sprayed on conventional foods like corn, wheat, barley, beans, legumes, as a drying agent to quicken the harvest.
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    I have hip osteoarthritis , painful to walk all the time, I have been in PT , did not help. Will stem cell activation work for me ?

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      Dear Eve: Stem Cell Activators will be worth a try PLUS elimination of all nightshades — tomato, eggplant, peppers, cayenne, potatoes…….

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      You will need to visit, register an account, and use Practitioner Code US18020003 to order.

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