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Find the Healthy Foodie Within

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Become a connoisseur of nourishing bites. It’s safe to say that the “foodie” phenomenon has swept the country. Food trucks and festivals are popping up everywhere. The ease of accessibility to recipes, tips, and tricks has set the bar high for homemade offerings at in-home festivities. While this passion for the enjoyment of food is fantastic, it’s not always synonymous with nutrition. Fortunately, there are many ways to unite your Read More

My Thanksgiving Menu

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You’re invited—dinner’s at 6:00. It’s that time again. Time to talk turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and sides and pies galore!! Here is the menu I will be serving up this Thanksgiving as my family gathers to celebrate together this year—the first year in a long time since I moved to the Inland Northwest. These recipes reflect some all-time Thanksgiving dish winners that my husband makes every year—that are Read More

Grain Drain

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Delicious eats that are all taste and zero grain. Whether you’re celiac, sensitive, or simply focusing on your health, more and more of us are saying goodbye to grains. Gluten and grain intolerance have been on the rise for the last two decades and seem to match the rise in brain-related health issues like anxiety, depression, dementia, ADHD and more. In the last decade alone, gluten intolerance levels have increased Read More