What’s missing from your diet could be causing your skin to sag and age prematurely.

Anytime a new diet craze takes off I look for clues about the underlying health of the person while they’re losing the weight. Have you noticed all the sagging skin on people who lose weight with Keto? The weight is coming off but with it is often a face that looks like it has aged dramatically. This is a sign to me that at least one key nutrient is missing from this very popular diet.

I’ve got news for you – when you find the diet that’s right for you, not only will you lose those pounds and inches you thought were permanently glued to your waist and thighs, but your skin will tighten and have a youthful glow. You’ll feel energized, even with underlying health conditions like hypothyroid and autoimmune diseases. And you’ll digest fats – even without a gallbladder.

In the fourth video of my FREE 5-part Metabolism Reboot mini-course, we’re talking about supplements – specifically, the ones your body needs while it’s going through a Radical Reboot. Nobody talks about this but it’s important – your body has different nutrient needs while you’re losing weight than it does when you’re maintaining a healthy weight. And what you don’t know can cost you your health and cause you to age prematurely.

What You Really Lose When You Lose Weight

Your adipose tissue – also known as fat – has a big job to do. Your fat cells store energy for your body to use later, when you need it the most. But, because fat cells are so efficient at storing things, your body uses them to store all kinds of other substances, and pretty soon those fats look like a hoarder’s closet. They’re stuffed full of hormones, fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and toxins your body can’t process.

When your body loses weight and those fat cells shrink, they start to release their contents into your bloodstream. If you detox along with your diet, then your body will break it all down into smaller molecules that you easily eliminate. But, if you aren’t taking supplements and eating foods that support healthy detox, those excess hormones (like estrogen), pent-up vitamins, and toxic chemicals wreak havoc when they’re released, causing everything from “keto flu” to rebound weight gain as your body does damage control trying to protect the healthy cells you have left.

Beyond the toxins that flood your bloodstream when you lose fat, there is another cost. When you are gaining weight, your body is in “storage mode,” and shuttles fat-soluble nutrients into your fat cells instead of using them. So those expensive vitamins and fish oil supplements you’ve been taking are likely going right into storage before they can be used. When you lose fat, you lose those essential fatty acids that repair cells, help create new cells, and flood your tissues with oxygen. You also lose fat-soluble vitamins that are essential for the health of everything from your bones and brain to your immune system.

Replace the Nutrients You Can’t Afford to Lose

When we talk about supplements in the Radical Metabolism plan, it’s not all about taking pills. Radical Metabolism incorporates strategic foods all throughout your day that help you detox while replenishing those much-needed fat-soluble nutrients that leave at a rapid rate when your fat cells leave. Your metabolism doesn’t function at the same rate or with the same priorities all day, and Radical Metabolism makes the most of those metabolic highs and lows with targeted nutrition (and delicious recipes) that supports healthy cells while increasing your fat-burning.

Because Radical Metabolism was created with slow losers and people with thyroid issues and autoimmune diseases in mind, supplementation plays a key role. If you don’t have a gallbladder or yours isn’t functioning optimally, then gallbladder replacement therapy with targeted nutrients can be helpful to more efficiently break down and process fats to help you use what you need for energy and eliminate toxins. If you have a fatty liver then you need to supplement with specific nutrients that help your liver with its fat loss.

There’s decades of research behind one key nutrient that ONLY Radical Metabolism is talking about, and I share detailed information with you in the fourth video of the FREE Metabolism Reboot mini-course. There are times to use this nutrient in the foods you eat – even dessert – and times to supplement in larger amounts to keep skin, hair, and nails healthy and youthful while fat comes off rapidly, to bring oxygen into your tissues and boost your energy.

It’s easy to make healthy food taste great with Radical Metabolism

Not only is the book full of delicious meal recipes and meal plans to suit all tastes, but I also give you 25 more FREE recipes when you buy the book and register for the free gifts on my website.

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