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Weight Loss

Eat, Drink, and Celebrate – Your Radical Metabolism is Coming!

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Are You Ready for Radical Weight Loss? Have you lost weight on another diet plan only to gain it back? You’re not a failure – you’re simply missing a metabolic link! Metabolism is controlled by hormones, and hormones all operate at the level of the cell membrane. In a showdown between hormones and willpower, hormones always win – until you learn how to outsmart them. Radical Metabolism will give you Read More

Bring Back Breakfast for Better Weight Loss

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When it comes to weight loss, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the meal that “breaks the fast” from our overnight slumber, and skipping it is known to cause a host of bad reactions in the body, from lack of concentration and lower energy to decreased insulin sensitivity and weight gain. Yet, over half of all Americans skip breakfast at least once per week, and Read More