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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

January 15, 2016

Overcome the Fungus Among Us

How to beat the yeast beast in our bodies and the environment.

Fungus and yeast are everywhere, and my good friend Doug Kaufmann has been on the front lines of the battle for 30 years, much like I have been in the fight against parasites.  I’ve learned quite a lot from Doug, who recently published this great article about the implications of fungus within our bodies.

Fungus produces mycotoxins—chemicals that cause allergies, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, cell damage, and even cancer.  We’re exposed to mycotoxins in moldy environments and also by eating at-risk foods like grains, some legumes, and mushrooms.  Corn, grains, and peanuts are the major offenders partially because of the manner in which they are stored.  Aflatoxins found in some of these foods for example, can impair our enzyme activity of tumor suppression while simultaneously introducing mold and fungi.

Doug proposes that this is the underlying connection between liver, kidney, esophageal, endometrial, and breast cancers that can all be linked to fungal infection. Mushrooms are a fungus and may have the potential to cross react with mold and fungal conditions in your system.

Yeast and mold are everywhere—on nearly every surface you touch and even in the air you breathe.  Overgrowth of these naturally occurring and ever present offenders can lead to rhinitis and sinusitis—especially during seasonal transitions in the weather.  You may even become allergic to your own yeast, which makes you allergic to almost everything!

Fungus Fighters

During some recent filming for Doug’s show Know the Cause, I had the opportunity off camera to ask about his favorite fungus fighters.  I was surprised when he named several ingredients that were very familiar to me. For years, I have used them successfully with my clients to eliminate parasites and pathogenic bacteria!

His list included grapefruit seed extract and black walnut, both of which are part of My Colon Cleansing Kit available through UNI KEY.

Black walnut contains juglone, which is clinically tested and proven to be as effective as many prescription anti-fungals. Tannins are also a big factor of black walnut’s effectiveness—they eliminate parasites and discourage fungal overgrowth.

Flora-Key, the probiotic in My Colon Cleansing Kit, also plays a key role because a strong microbiome can overrun or prevent fungal infections. Gut bacteria produces protective nutrients.  Lactobacilli have anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties.

My Colon Cleansing Kit

A natural comprehensive approach to eliminating fungus and yeast, My Colon Cleansing Kit, includes Para-Key (an encapsulated herbal formula), Verma-Plus (a liquid herbal tincture), and Flora-Key (a probiotic powder).

The protocol involves taking 2 capsules of Para-Key three times daily, about 20-30 minutes before meals. You’ll also take 1 full dropper (¼ teaspoon) of Verma-Plus in 4 ounces of water between meals and once at bedtime. One teaspoon of Flora-Key should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Keep up this regimen for 2 weeks, then take a 5-day rest. This constitutes one cycle.  Many individuals use these products for an additional two cycles for best results.

If you’re ready to tackle fungus and yeast in your system, I’ve arranged for a special 20% discount on My Colon Cleansing Kit! Use coupon code Fungus20 at online checkout. Get the deal>>

It’s a great time to retrain your internal body ecology!

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  1. Tracy Wilson

    So far, yours is the only sight I’ve seen that actually comes out and makes the connection between candida overgrowth and cancer. I realized only recently that since both candida and cancer feed on sugar that one, candida is responsible for the other, cancer. It seems like everyone is coming up with cancer in some place in the body these days. And since candida can get into the blood stream, candida can literally travel anywhere and set up “shop”. For me, it’s my sinus cavities resulting in a horrible case of sinusitis. Without modern medicine, I’m taking a natural approach that is working, but boy is it slow. Anyway, I’m trying to get the message out to people because they really don’t know. One question for you please. Do doctors know that candida overgrowth is the cause for so many diseases including cancer? Are they using drugs to treat symptoms without addressing the candida or cause of cancer and other diseases? Or are they just ignorant. So many people I know are suffering and refusing to accept the truth, but just listen to their doctors. Thanks for all you do to get the message out. Sincerely, Tracy Wilson

  2. Andrea

    So I have been trying to order the parasite cleanser and its been on back order forever. But can you tell us how to eat during this? Also in your video you said you will have a yeast die off and to make it easier less effects because they will die off quicker is candida cleanse, but I didn’t see that on your site.


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