Can I Lose Weight With Negative-Calorie Drinks?   My sister and I have always been on the plump side, so when she visited me last weekend 20 pounds thinner I had to learn her secret.  She revealed that she’s been drinking those new negative-calorie drinks.  I read in your column that negative-calorie foods can help women lose weight- can the drinks do the same?

The basic concept behind negative-calorie drinks is that the body burns more calories digesting the beverage than the drink contains.  So it’s hypothetically possible to lose weight this way.  But I wouldn’t consume them regularly since many contain artificial sweeteners that make the liver sluggish, eventually causing weight gain.  Instead, eat negative-calorie foods (like apples, strawberries, carrots and celery).  In addition to being more nutritious, these foods boost liver function to speed metabolism.

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