Is Vitamin H Just Hype Or Worth The Cost?  The winter weather ruined my toenails and the skin on my heels.  And now that sandal season is just around the corner, I’m feeling self-conscious!  I’ve seen ads touting vitamin H as the best supplement for nails and skin, but is it worth the high price?

The beautifying effects of “vitamin H” are real, but the nutrients are really just biotin, one of the B vitamins.  Consuming more biotin has been proven to increase nail thickness by 25 percent and improve skin’s ability to hydrate itself.  To get the benefits without paying a fortune, snack on biotin-rich food (1/2 cup peanuts, 1 cup low-fat yogurt or half an avocado) daily, or try a low-cost biotin supplement from your local drugstore.  Since it take two months for nails and skin to heal, stocking up on biotin now will guarantee gorgeous tootsies by sandal season.

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