Can Plastic Containers Sabotage Weigh Loss?  Two weeks ago I started a diet plan that entails eating something small every two hours to keep my metabolism high.  I’ve been doing well, packing food containers with mini meals to eat at work.  But a friend just told me that she heard the chemicals in plastic containers cause weight gain!  Is this true?

It depends:  Simply carrying food in plastic containers isn’t problematic— it’s heat that makes them damaging to health.  Once heated, chemicals in plastic called phthalates and bisphenol A can leach into food.  These estrogen-mimicking chemicals can throw hormones off kilter, triggering the storage of fat in the belly and thighs.  To avoid problems, make sure food is cool before placing it in a plastic container (since leaching can start at temperatures as low as 45 degrees farenheight).  And take items out of plastic containers before reheating them.  Instead, transfer food to a ceramic or glass plate—these don’t emit toxins when heated.

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