Will Eating Fruit Fade My Spider Veins?  Ugly spider veins on my legs have made shorts weather stressful for me.  I read online that eating fruit reduces the veins’ appearance.  Is this true?

Eating certain fruit, particularly citrus, can fade spider veins.  Lemons, oranges and grapefruits contain bioflavonoids, antioxidants that strengthen the vein valves that direct blood flow.  This prevents the backup of blood that enlarges veins, so they fade or disappear.  Fresh fruit (not pasteurized juice) is the best bioflavonoid source, so try eating or drinking the juice of four fresh oranges or grapefruits daily to get the minimum proven dose of 200 mg.  For optimal results, consume some of the pith (the white stringy tissue under the skin) since this is packed with bioflavonoids.  “Tea” made from citrus peels steeped in hot water and fresh-squeezed lemonade also provide the benefit.  Another option: Take a supplement like Natrol Ester-C 500 mg with 200 mg of bioflavonoids (available at drugstores).  Then get ready to bare visibly improved legs in as little as two weeks!

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