Halloween is just around the corner, and that means my kids’ buckets of candy will be all over the house.  And even if I manage to withstand that temptation, there are candy jars staring at me all day at the office, courtesy of my “thoughtful” coworkers.  I’ve lost 37 pounds since February, and I don’t want to fall off the sensible-eating wagon.  But I have a definite spot for Kit Kats.  Any advice?

Since you can’t avoid the bowls of candy that pop up everywhere at this time of year, beat the urge to splurge by consuming more cinnamon.  Then cinnamic aldehyde in this spice mimics the action of blood sugar-regulating insulin to prevent the sugar crashes that trigger cravings.  My favorite way to indulge is sipping a cinnamon-based herbal tea, like Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice.  It’s safe to drink as many cups as you like, but I especially recommend a cup after dinner when the desire for sweets can be highest.

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