Does Chewing More Trigger Weight Loss?   My coworker has been going on and on about this new “diet” where all she does is chew each bite of food 20 times.  The weird thing is, it’s working: She’s dropped two pant sizes in a month with no stress whatsoever, and she can eat anything she wants as long as she chews it well.  I’ve been struggling to lose 20 pounds, but this diet sounds pretty corny.  Do you think it really helps?

It certainly could.  This old-fashioned strategy of chewing at least 15 times per bite promotes the quick onset of a feeling of fullness, causing people to eat up to 40 percent fewer calories per meal, according to research at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston.  The reason: Thorough chewing releases 50 percent more nutrients in the first minute the food reaches the stomach.  This increases blood flow to the digestive organs to instantly raise metabolism, plus it enables the appetite centers of the brain to register satiety before excess food is consumed.  The result: effortless weight loss—no dieting required!

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