Episode 117
Surviving and Thriving with SIBO – Episode 117: Krystyna Houser

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Krystyna Houser

SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is a burgeoning concern. Learn why SIBO and IBS cases are skyrocketing. Join Ann Louise Gittleman and Krystyna Houser as they tackle the underlying issues of SIBO proliferation. These include the diminishing quality of food and food poisoning, the proliferation of GMOs, the consumption of antibiotics and much more. Krystyna’s personal health odyssey eventually led her to found “Good LFE,” a new lifestyle brand focusing on microbiome health and wellness for those struggling with SIBO and IBS. This year, Krystyna released her first book, “The Good LFE Cookbook: Low Fermentation Eating for SIBO, Gut Health and Microbiome Balance” - a seasonal cookbook that opens a whole new world of eating options for those contending with SIBO, IBS, and other GI-related issues. Krystyna’s work specializes in low fermentation, which is diametrically opposed to what is popular these days, so don’t miss this scintillating episode!

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