Episode 83
The TMJ Connection to Your Mysterious Ailments – Episode 83: Dr. Jason Pehling, DDS

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Dr. Jason Pehling, DDS

Jason Pehling, DDS, MS is a compassionate dentist extraordinaire who specializes in TMJ, orofacial pain disorders, and dental sleep medicine.  An estimated 5 to 12% of adults in the United States suffer from TMJ, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.  As Dr. Pehling explains in this fascinating interview, TMJ isn’t just a painful jaw - TMJ often involves frustrating headaches, ear symptoms, jaw popping and neck pain hampering your daily life.  Join Ann Louise and Dr. Pehling as they also discuss topics that affect us all including links between jaw - bite and airway and breathing, swallowing and jaw function, bite and posture, TMJ and headaches, TMJ and ear problems, what is jaw clicking and locking and what causes teeth clenching and grinding.  This is an interview you will NOT want to miss!

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