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Taming the Sugar Monster

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Sugar does NOT bring out the best in us. Researchers have tried to convince us that sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity, but any mother or teacher can tell you that it certainly does. The problem with the research is it’s looking at the blood sugar, and that’s not where the problem lies. The trouble lies in the effect sugar has on your brain chemistry, and how it feeds Candida yeast overgrowth. Read More

How to Take Charge of Lyme Disease and Live Your Best Life

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I was truly concerned. During the popular Parasite Summit I participated in recently , I didn’t realize how many of you are suffering with Lyme disease. When Lyme goes from the initial fatigue, fever, rash and body aches to become chronic and neurologic, it is one of the Mystery Diseases of the 21st century – difficult to diagnose and even more of a challenge to treat. I went in search Read More

Could Fungus Be the Root Cause of Mystery Illnesses?

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The top 3 antifungals already in your spice cabinet. I just celebrated another birthday and this time of year always gives me pause to reflect. One thing I’m most grateful for is my incredible inner circle of remarkably knowledgeable, insightful friends. My friend, television host of “Know the Cause” and best-selling author, Doug Kaufmann—whom I regard as a pioneer and a trendsetter—had the best antidote of all for aging: he recently Read More

The Yeast Cure Primer

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Symptoms and Strategies for Conquering Candida and Balancing Thyroid Function. You just can’t escape yeast, especially during the summer when yeast-promoting foods–sweet treats, fruits, energy bars and liquid sugar beverages–abound. Candida albicans is in the air, in your throat and in your gut. That’s a fact of life. This yeast is everywhere, coexisting with all the other microorganisms that fill the microscopic spaces of the world. But when Candida grows out Read More

The #1 Factor Fueling Your Sugar Cravings

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Overcome Weight Loss Resistance, Restore Belly FLAT If you are struggling to lose weight, but find that your cravings overpower your willpower then you’re not alone! I have a strong suspicion that more than 50% of the population struggles with an underlying condition that goes undetected and unsuspected by most health care practitioners. Along with your belly bloat and stubborn fat, you’re also contending with one or more additional challenges Read More

Halt the Fat-Making Hormone

Stop the Feeding Frenzy and Zap Sugar Cravings. It’s not calories, but the hormonal effect of food that’s making Americans fat. Nearly 75% of us now qualify as being either overweight or obese. And, insulin is America’s fat promoting and storage hormone. It’s fed by high glycemic carbs—think cereal, bagels, rice cakes and sugar—which we now consume to the tune of 180 pounds per person per year. If Americans knew Read More

Sweet Madness

How you can flip the switch on sugar addiction. It’s tragic but true. About 9 out of 10 of our children and teens drink soda every single day. This liquid sugar is the most prevalent source of “hidden” sugar in their entire diet. Not only are sugar-sweetened drinks associated with obesity, heart disease, pre-diabetes and diabetes, but liquid calorie consumption of soft drinks is highly addictive, thanks to the added bonus of caffeine. Diet soft drinks Read More

The Number One Weight Loss Saboteur

The culprit behind cravings, bloating, and possible thyroid problems. It’s definitely nobody’s BFF, but you just can’t escape it. Candida albicans is in the air, in your throat, and in your gut. That’s a fact of life. But when this yeast grows out of control—like when we consume sugar in the form of “white stuff” or even too many natural sugars from fruits and/or fruit juices—this normally harmless yeast becomes Read More

Break the Yeast Cycle

Say goodbye to cravings, bloating, and possible thyroid problems. Yeast is definitely nobody’s BFF. But it can be with us for life—which is why I was so happy to finally read an article about yeast overgrowth on the front page of the Lifestyle section in the Spokesman Review. Yeast is finally getting the respect it deserves. And it’s about time because I believe nearly 50 million of us suffer from that subclinical fungus among us. Yeast plays Read More

UTIs – The Cranberry Cure

Here’s the Juice on Why it Works. Accounting for about 8.3 million medical visits annually, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second most common infection in humans. This serious health problem impacts one in five women, and many suffer recurring infections. Most urinary infections are due to E. coli, bacteria normally found in the intestines. Chlamydia, an increasingly common sexually transmitted disease (STD), is another culprit, as are the herpes virus, Read More