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The Right Whey

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What’s really in your shakes and smoothies? Whether you’re a body builder or a busy mom, everyone these days loves the ease and convenience of a meal replacement shake or smoothie. And what’s not to love? With a simple swirl of the blender you get a yummy glass full of nutrients with endless fruit and veggie combinations. At the heart of it is the protein powder—and there are many to Read More

6 Healthy Summer Habits

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Don’t let your self-care dip this season. Summer’s in full swing, but that shouldn’t be license to throw caution to the wind and give up on all of your healthy habits. Most of us go into this time of year looking forward to relaxing and recharging during  those easygoing summer days. But, you might be feeling disappointed that the summer seems to be flying by and you haven’t taken nearly as much healthful Read More

A Vital Exercise Suited for Us All

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The future of fitness rooted in the past. I’ve currently been working vigorously on updates to several books that I can’t wait to share with you! One is Before the Change—my New York Times bestseller that dives deep into how to feel your best during perimenopause and menopause. One component is, of course, exercise. I am a tremendous proponent of resistance or weight-training exercise because of the effect it has Read More

Top 5 Fat Traps

Ignore these and you’ll find yourself on a never-ending cycle. Since my days at The Pritikin Longevity Center during the fat-free craze of the 1980s, I’ve been a firm believer that weight gain is far more complex than just “calories in, calories out.” In fact, this quest for underlying causes has been what’s fueled the last 25 years of my research and the concepts behind over 30 books. From hormone Read More

Bouncing Off Cellulite

Rebounding moves sluggish lymph. While the circulatory system carries nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to our cells, the lymphatic system is the body’s garbage disposal. Its mesh-like network of tiny vessels transports lymph (fluid) from around the cells through the lymph nodes, where waste products are filtered out, unhealthy cells are trapped, and bacteria are destroyed. As it moves through the body, lymph also pulls fat out for transport to the liver. Protein and Read More

Functional Fitness

Working out for the real world. I have been hearing so much about this “new wave” in exercise that I turned to my favorite fitness guru—the effervescent and ageless Joanie Greggains, who co-wrote the Fat Flush Fitness Plan with me. Joanie was the pioneer of TV workouts with her long-running TV Exercise Show, Morning Stretch and became a household word with her popular #1 Talk-Radio show, The Joanie Greggains Show on KGO Radio in the Bay Read More

Mid-Life Health Fights Alzheimers

Fore go those fries! High blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes in middle age play a huge role in the later risk for dementia, a four-decade-long study of close to 10,000 Americans now reports. Elevated total cholesterol (240 milligrams per deciliter) raises the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) 66 percent. Even people with borderline to moderately high cholesterol levels have significantly higher likelihood of dementia later in life. Smoking ups Read More