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The Standard American Diet Is “SAD” For A Reason – Ditch It For Weight Loss

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Though it’s no great secret that the Standard American Diet is “SAD” for a reason, the data is nothing short of eye opening. A “Standard American Diet” study published by the National Cancer Institute revealed that a  staggering three out of four Americans do not so much as touch a piece of fruit during any given day, let alone consume the daily recommended servings. Even worse, nine out of ten Read More

What is CLA and Why Should You Care?

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Is CLA really “liposuction in a bottle?” You may have heard that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a trans fat. You may even be alarmed by that statement, because we’ve learned that trans fats are bad. And, yes, technically, that’s correct – but only if we’re talking about the processed, man-made versions. CLA is a “good” trans fat that exists naturally in our food sources, which means it is vastly Read More

Fat Flushing CLA

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Part one in our series on Fat Flushing supplements. A powerful tool for dieters, CLA—or conjugated linoleic acid—offers profound fat loss and healing benefits. This necessary fatty acid helps reduce body fat while retaining lean muscle mass and is an important building block for cellular growth. Before the 1970s, Americans didn’t need to worry about supplementing their diets with CLA since dairy products and meats contained ample amounts naturally. But, Read More