In this episode, the First Lady of Nutrition engages in a captivating dialogue with Dr. Christian Bogner, a seasoned lecturer, educator, and practicing clinician specializing in functional medicine. They focus on the historical context and aftermath of glyphosate’s introduction into our food supply during the 1990s. This widespread introduction is linked to a disturbing surge in chronic diseases, including autism. Dr. Bogner highlights the concerning presence of glyphosate in breast milk, baby food, and even pre-natal vitamins, indicating its potential impact on the microbiome and its association with susceptibility to issues like yeast, mold, and parasites. Discover Dr. Bogner’s holistic approach, driven by a mission to optimize individual recovery paths. Integrating cutting-edge genetic research, targeted nutraceutical supplementation, and comprehensive testing for mycotoxins and neurotransmitters, he focuses on diverse areas such as the autism spectrum, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, and cognitive decline. Notably, Dr. Bogner serves as a clinical consultant for MaxGen Labs, LLC, a globally recognized nutrigenomics lab utilized by numerous practitioners worldwide. Don’t miss this insightful podcast as Dr. Christian Bogner and the First Lady of Nutrition delve into the intricacies of health, genetics, and the profound impact of environmental factors. Tune in for an engaging conversation that might just change the way you view wellness.  Check out for more information.

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