The founders of join the First Lady of Nutrition today for a remarkably inspiring podcast. Scott Douglas and Patricia Tamowski bring their unique talent to educate people diagnosed with ALS (PALS) and their families about holistic protocols that can slow, stop and even reverse ALS progression.  They are committed to changing the standard of care for all ALS patients to include nutritional testing, gut and liver function testing and toxin testing, as well as appropriate treatment to correct imbalances.  Join Ann Louise, Scott and Patricia as they discuss scientifically verified ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) reversals using a holistic mind and body approach. Scott and Patricia have personally interviewed over 30 ALS reversals as well as those who have healed from Parkinson’s, MS and Alzheimer’s/dementia. We invite you to check out their website at that provides a comprehensive portal for education and support for anyone suffering from ALS or who desires to be enlightened by their impressive breakthroughs in holistic treatment and care. Information on how to access their recent 2022 Healing ALS Conference can also be found at: This is a must-listen-to interview!!

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