Join First Lady Ann Louise Gittleman as she interviews veteran light practitioner April Blake.  They delve into the fascinating world of Light Therapy including its profound healing benefits, how it works, the healing power of colors and how light is an essential nutrient for your body and mind – just as important as wholesome food and pure water.  As April explains, light is the main nutrient of every cell and using LED Red Light Therapy, we can accurately “flood the cells with light” stimulating a process called photobiomodulation (PBM).  PBM is a biological process by which cells receive light (or photon energy) that trigger the production of healing nutrients. The use of Blue, Red, and Near Infrared Light releases stored Nitric Oxide (NO) in a safe, non-invasive manner triggers a beneficial innate cellular response in the skin, soft tissues, organs, and bones. Light therapy stimulates the “chemistry” of nitric oxide – which is the “chemistry” of healing.  There are over 6,000 studies showing the efficacy of Light Therapy for countless conditions, and April shares with us several amazing testimonials of the power of Light Therapy.  Don’t miss this ‘enLIGHTening’ episode!

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