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Ask Ann Louise

I’m Dieting And Exercising But Gaining Weight!

For the past two weeks I’ve faithfully been following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Last night I weighed myself and found out I lost 12 pounds! I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to weigh myself again this morning. I thought I’d be even thinner, but instead I gained back three pounds. What’s the story? Chalk it up to plain ol’ water weight. Salt intake, hormonal changes, perspiration-all Read More

Can Protein Help Me Drop Pounds?

I was so jealous when my best friend dropped 20 pounds in a month. She said that as soon as she became a vegetarian, the weight practically fell off. So even though I love burgers, I decided I could give up anything for one month, so I cut out meat. But four weeks later I was 10 pounds heavier! I feel like a total failure! What gives? Give yourself a Read More

Could Copper Overload Be Making Me Exhausted?

I’m absolutely exhausted all the time. It takes me forever to wake up in the morning and at least three cups of tea to feel alert. But other than that I’m a healthy 31-year-old. My doctor can’t find anything wrong with me. I stick to a vegetarian diet that includes protein from shellfish and soy, and besides birth control pills, I’m not taking any medications. Is my diet missing something? Read More

How Can I Keep To A Healthy Weight While Pregnant?

I gained 30 pounds in college that I never could shake—until last month, when after six months of dieting I finally dropped the last pound. But two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant, and it was as if I had a license to binge on all my favorites: hot dogs, French fires, and Doritos. Since then I’ve regained 15 pounds! How can I control my weight now without Read More

What If I’m Afraid To Lose Weight?

This may sound like a cop-out, but I’m actually afraid to lose weight. I’ve been heavy all my life; in a way it’s part of who I am. Plus, I have a good sense of humor about it. Anytime there’s an awkward moment at work I jump in with a fat joke. It lightens the mood, and I’m convinced that’s why my coworkers like me. Still, my doctor keeps telling Read More

Are Carbs Making Me Tired?

After 10 years of yo-yoing on every fad diet out there, I’ve finally discovered one that works for me. It breaks down to 70 percent carbs, 10 percent protein and 20 percent fat. Over the past six months I’ve lost 50 of the 60 extra pounds I’ve been lugging around. Even though I should be celebrating, I’m just too exhausted and edgy to even think about it. I thought losing Read More

Should I Stop Exercising While Dieting?

My coworker and I made a pact to lose 20 pounds each, and we’ve been really good about sticking to our diets. We even started meeting before work for a 30-minute power walk. We had lost about nine pounds each when my friend started skipping out on the walks, but I kept at it. Four weeks later, she’s lost an additional 12 pounds, while I’ve lost only 4 more! Should Read More

How Can My Friends Help Me Stick To My Diet?

I hate talking about dieting. Just being 75 pounds overweight is embarrassing enough, thanks! But since I can’t seem to stick to a diet on my own, I decided to confide in my best friend. At first she was very supportive, but now she calls every day to ask if I’ve “cheated” on my diet. It’s like she assumes I’m going to fail. Am I just being overly sensitive? It’s Read More

How Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Six months after having my first child, I’m still toting 30 extra pounds. I’ve been so busy with the baby and getting back to work that finding time to exercise is practically impossible, but I’d love to start the new year closer to my goal weight. Is there a way to slim down without exercise until my schedule eases up? Exercise or not, the best way to lose fat is Read More

How Can I Revamp My Weekend Family Breakfast?

During the workweek, I find it’s easy to eat healthy portions since I’m not comfortable going overboard in front of my coworkers. But weekends are a different story: I treat my family to a Saturday breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, home fries and sausage. You’d think I’d feel satisfied because it’s the biggest meal of my week, but instead it gets me snacking on chips and cookies for the Read More