Getting to your goal weight is about more than diet – it takes a Radical shift in lifestyle and a solid foundation in nutrition, too.

I recently interviewed Dr. Stephen Sinatra, America’s favorite cardiologist. Off camera, he told me Radical Metabolism should be thought of as a “game-changing nutrition book – not just another diet program.” I totally agree. But there’s more – Radical Metabolism is full of health solutions!

Radical Metabolism goes beyond diet, and is full of nourishing foods that reduce inflammation and rejuvenate tired, overworked organs. Not only do I give you a solid education and firm foundation in nutrition principles for a healthy weight, but also tools for better energy and a longer life, to be able to do the things you enjoy. More than that, I’ll teach you the root causes of your sluggish metabolism, why your organs are overworked, why your cells need nourishment, and how to detox your cells, your body, and your lifestyle so you not only reach your goal weight and revive your tired metabolism, but also feel more energized, less sore and achy, and more able to do the things you enjoy.

That may sound overwhelming, but trust me, even one small change in your lifestyle, adding in just one missing piece of the puzzle, can yield astonishing results!

Spoiler alert: this one Radical addition to your lifestyle is a real game changer for many of the people who have fallen in love with Radical Metabolism – learn more here – especially if you have GERD, leaky gut, or other digestive issues.

Radical Metabolism – Nutrition’s New Rules

It’s true – I’ve rewritten the Rules of Nutrition – again. Our current understanding of nutrition has not only ignored, but villainized an entire group of essential fats necessary for building healthy cells – Omega 6 fats. For years, you’ve heard all about the amazing benefits of Omega 3 fats like fish oil and their tremendous health benefits, and for good reason. But the only news we’ve heard about Omega 6 is not at all good.

Omega 6 fats have been abused, in over-processed, rancid oils like soybean and canola, deep-fried foods, and in trans fats, all of which lead to inflammation and disease. But unadulterated Omega 6 fats are as good for your health as the Omega 3 fats, building healthy cell membranes, revving up your fat-burning metabolism, balancing your hormones, and so much more! Cold-pressed oils from nuts and seeds are chock full of these anti-inflammatory, disease-fighting fats, and you’ll learn all about how to use them for their maximum benefit in Chapter 2.

This is only one example of how Radical Metabolism rewrites the rules of nutrition. You’ll also learn the right proteins and carbs for weight loss and health, and how much of each is actually good for you. And new concepts, like adding bitters before meals to wake up your digestion, and the right cookware to reduce toxins, are introduced in each chapter. It’s easy to see why Dr. Sinatra sees this plan as a real game-changer!

Radical Metabolism – Fight Inflammation and Win!

Inflammation is plaguing our modern society, and it’s often a result of toxic overload. It may be the cause of many diseases, including some cancers, dementia, and cardiovascular problems. We even have blood tests (like CRP) that have been developed just to measure inflammation levels in the body. The good news is certain foods have been found to combat the damage inflammation causes and even prevent early death.

A study just published last week in the Journal of Internal Medicine has found that people who eat an anti-inflammatory diet, full of vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, cheese, nuts, chocolate, and Omega 6-rich oils had an 18 percent lower risk of dying prematurely, a 20 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular problems, and a 13 percent lower risk of dying from cancer. The great news is these foods are already an integral part of my Radical Metabolism plan!

This study just adds to the growing body of research being done on individual foods like coffee and chocolate that reduce your risk of heart disease and are associated with a longer life. In the book, I go into detail about the research behind these foods – and more – and why they are so healthy for you.

Radical Metabolism – Get Ready to Detox

Like inflammation, detox has become a household word and we don’t always understand the rationale behind it. We get so used to having a toxic metabolism, that it feels familiar, and we forget what we felt like before the weight gain, fatigue, bloating, and aches and pains ever started. Radical Metabolism will teach you how to find hidden toxins in your environment, and how and why to safely eliminate them from your body.

My mantra for years has been NO diet without detox. Detox, historically, has been a seasonal event, but today, with the thousands of toxins we encounter through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat, we simply must make detox a daily ritual, and incorporate it into our working knowledge of nutrition and health.

Your liver and gallbladder have been bogged down with these toxins, and it’s led to the removal of countless gallbladders and contributed to the almost epidemic thyroid diseases. In Radical Metabolism, we dig into the root causes of these issues – toxins and sluggish bile – and learn how to cleanse the bile and support your liver, compensate for a missing gallbladder, and boost your metabolism and energy levels, all while nourishing your overworked thyroid.

Join the Radical Metabolism Revolution!

My readers agree – Radical Metabolism has led to Radical changes in their lives – for the better! Take a look at what a few of them had to say:

“There’s so many things I’ve come to learn about through RM, though a couple of things stand out for me at this moment. One is how much more important omega 6 is over omega 3. For years, we’ve heard nothing about the impact of the 6’s, it was always “take your fish oil”! The other piece of interesting knowledge, is the importance of bitters. I’ve actually come to like the peppery flavor of arugula….who’d a thought that would be possible?!” – Crystal R.

“Dr. Sinatra is spot on. Radical Metabolism is full of health solutions. For years I have been looking for REAL answers & Radical Metabolism provides many game-changing solutions.” – Elizabeth W.

“I’ve learned so much from RM! Never realized the importance of supplements since I have no gallbladder…Bile Builder, Digestive Bitters, Apple Cider Vinegar, (and have just added), Siberian Pine Nut Oil are now my New Best Friends! I am now so much more conscious of Everything that I put in my mouth and use in my home! It’s a Fabulous New Way of Life for Me!! Day 16 (Day 12 of Reboot) and feeling Great!” Cindi L.

“The idea of supporting your bile feels like a game changer to me. I had my gall bladder removed due to an extremely low ejection rate – not gall stones. My doctor convinced me that my gall bladder just didn’t work. I now realize that my bile must have been “sludgy” and congested. If only I had changed my eating habits back then, I could have kept my gall bladder, maintained a functioning thyroid and avoided weight gain! I already eat a ton of bitter foods, very little sugar and no gluten or dairy. I’m excited to add in Bile Builder and digestive bitters – hoping this is the missing piece of the puzzle for me!” – Angela N.

“The new selection of oils are very interesting, and also to learn about the importance of Omega oils for healing the digestive system and hormonal balancing. Plus I love the variety of vegetables, it is amazing to learn their benefits, I had no clue watercress had all those health benefits and the celeriac who knew that existed! Every time I read your books and talk to you I learn something new, you are full of knowledge and wisdom, always looking for innovation. Changes are radical, and only people who want the change understand that.” – Susana S.

“I’ve learned not just about what to put in my body for nutrition but to be mindful on how I am preparing it – Stainless steel pans for cooking, glassware for storage and avoiding the microwave for reheating.” – Kasie P.

“This may sound small, but I am a long time fat flush fan, and adding radicchio and endive to my salads has been game changing. I love butter and they do help digest the greens. That said, I am looking forward to starting the pine nut oil.” – Debbie B.

“The healing benefits of pine nut oil is what I had never heard and is helping me. The program should be a lifestyle habit not just weight loss. Good whole foods every day for life. Easy recipes.” – Patty D.

“Despite eating a clean, organic, gluten-free diet and supporting my liver and gallbladder with excellent supplements, I began suffering from bloating on a regular basis. In comes apple cider vinegar and lemon juice before meals….what a radical improvement in my digestion! Adding these digestive aids and bitters to every meal will be my new Radical Routine!” – April B.

“I suffer from GERD and am thankful for the confirmation that too much acid is not the problem and for the suggestions to try to control it naturally. I’m looking forward to using Siberian pine nut oil! Thanks for the idea!” – Trina G.

If you are fat, fatigued, and have an over 40 sluggish metabolism, don’t wait any longer – get your copy of Radical Metabolism, join my Radical Metabolism Facebook group for support and encouragement, and get on your way to a healthier, lighter, more energized YOU!

If you want even BETTER results out of your journey, join me October 1st-12th along with a few other leading experts as we guide you through Rewiring Your Brain to THINK THIN. In this FREE training, I teach you how a Radical Mindset goes hand in hand with a Radical Metabolism. Join me here!

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