A Taste of Summer

July 20, 2017

Cold brews that detoxify and heal.

Many folks enjoy drinking refreshing tea in the summertime, but I advise that you steer clear of some of the most common choices. Sweet teas, as you’d assume, are loaded with sugar. The green and black variety should also be avoided, as an increasing body of studies have shown them to be more likely to be contaminated with aluminum fluoride from pesticides and fertilizers.

But, don’t despair. I have three picks that are just as refreshing, oh so good for you, and all naturally caffeine-free.

Hibiscus Tea
Not just for a luau, hibiscus tea has a vivid pink color thanks to the petals of the roselle flower that it’s brewed from. Many love the tart-berry combo flavor of this tea, but that’s hardly the only thing it has to offer. Bursting with antioxidants, it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc, plus the essential fatty acids we know and love, omega-3 and omega-6.

Hibiscus loves your heart, assisting with lowering blood pressure thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its antioxidant properties are wonderful for lowering your levels of cholesterol, too—all preventing damage to your blood vessels and reducing your chance for diseases. On the weight loss front, studies have shown that hibiscus inhibits amylase production. Amylase is your body’s helper for absorbing carbs and starch, so less amylase equals less absorption.

Other benefits include menstrual pain relief, calming and anxiety-reducing properties, digestion assistance, and even anti-cancer and anti-tumor elements from its containment of protocatechuic acid.

Rooibos Tea
Mineral-rich, rooibos tea contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron, to name a few. It also boasts polyphenols that provide antioxidant capabilities and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimutagenic qualities. Other antioxidants on board include nothofagin, aspalathin, and quercetin—linked to prevention of a variety of heart health concerns, such as high blood pressure. Its antioxidant content is also a pro for diabetics, as it assists with balancing blood sugar, improving insulin resistance, and boosting insulin secretion from the pancreas.

This superstar is rich in calcium and manganese, making it bone health’s BFF by reducing your chances of developing arthritis and osteoporosis. Other benefits include promotion of smooth, acne-free skin, easing of stomach cramps, relief from allergies, asthma and headaches, and anti-aging properties.

Plus, it’s safe for consumption by those with kidney stones. This is one superstar tea for all!

Dandelion Root Tea
This herbal brew contains powerful diuretic and detoxifying compounds that stimulate the kidneys to release excess fluids in the body. This effect alone has helped some of my followers shed 3 to 5 pounds—and 1 to 2 belly inches—in just 48 hours.

What’s more, the bitter flavonoids in this nutty drink help break up fatty deposits and ease inflammation in the liver. As a result, this metabolism-boosting organ is able to burn fat and eliminate fat-trapping toxins from the body faster and more effectively. That means you’ll be able to lose pounds on any diet plan up to 30 percent faster. The beauty of dandelion root tea is that it works beautifully without a gallbladder, too.

A little-known fact is that it is also the best anti-viral tea out there. There are very few “natural” remedies for virus, and this is certainly one of them. So, this is a sip that’s great during the hot summer months and during the cooler “flu-season.”

Sip on some serious healing as you cool off and enjoy the summer season! And, as always, consult with your physician prior to incorporating anything—such as these powerful teas—into your daily diet.

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  1. Phyllis

    I drink organic green and red Rooibos tea. It is from South Africa and is supposedly the least toxic tea in the world. I also make a salad dressing out of it!

    • D Kay Newman

      Do ypu mind sharing the brand name? Thank you.

      • D Kay Newman

        Also I love green tea rea. Wondering if Ann Louise might do a post or say more about the priblems with it and any particular brands that might be ok? Thank you.

        • Ann Louise

          D Kay Newman — Organic would be best. We love Traditional Medicinals and Alivita brands.

    • Vernie

      I have heard that rooibos from Africa is usually safe whereas rooibos from India may be contaminated with lead.

  2. Kimberlee

    To actually try to “shed 3 to 5 pounds—and 1 to 2 belly inches—in just 48 hours” how much of this tea would a person have to drink every day to see such a benefit?

    • Ann Louise

      Kimberlee– In conjunction with a Phase 1 Fat Flush diet — 2 – 4 cups of tea should be consumed and results may vary – of course depending upon your unique metabolism, use of meds, and exercise.

  3. calle

    Can one grow their own Hibiscus and harvest the flowers?

  4. Team ALG

    Calle, homegrown is the best! Then you know there are no pesticides.


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