Fruit Flushing for Summer Detox

July 19, 2011
Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Award-winning nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author.

119343241Cool down and lose weight with fruit!

Juicy, succulent fruits, especially berries of all kind—like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries—are the perfect antidote to rising temperatures. But blueberries, especially, are quite the superfruit these days. In honor of the beautiful blues, July has even been named “National Blueberry Month.”

With an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 6552, one cup of blueberries can take care of your minimum daily recommendation of antioxidants and then some. (Of course other berries are also good alternatives, especially blackberries [5347 per cup], raspberries [4882 per cup], and strawberries [3577 per cup].) Blueberries are a standout because not only do they provide more antioxidant power than most other popular fruits, but they also contain a significant amount of both antibacterial and antiviral compounds—which protect against heart disease and cancer. High in fiber, blueberries also contain tannins, which serve to cleanse the digestive system. Plus, they promote a healthy urinary tract by preventing bacterial growth. No wonder they have their own “month”!

Fat-busting berries are simply bursting with vitamin C, which stimulates the production of carnitine, an amino acid that boosts metabolism by carrying fat to the mitochondria in your cells, where the fat is converted to energy. Researchers have also found that insoluble fiber in berries prevents their total calories from being absorbed, making them the ideal skinny-fruit ingredient in your daily smoothies.

On the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown you are invited to partake in two filling fruit smoothies as a central part of the program. The Fat Flush Kit offers advanced detox support for cravings control and turbo-charged fat metabolism taken with the daily Shakedown regimen of two smoothies, unlimited snacks, and one full meal

Here’s the basic smoothie recipe:

8 ounces water or cran-water*
1 scoop Fat Flush Body Protein
1 serving fresh or frozen fruit (the berries of your choice)
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil
1 tablespoon flax or chia seeds
Ice cubes (optional)

Combine ingredients in a blender until smooth, then add flax or chia seeds. Don’t skip the flaxseed oil—it’s essential for long-lasting satiety.

*1oz. 100% unsweetened cranberry juice to 7 oz. of water

Someone Like You…
Linda Shapiro, (aka Meal Planning Maven) is a veteran Fat Flusher of nine years, a Forum moderator, and a recent Smoothie Shakedown success story:

Linda BandA“…I had to find a way to attack some unwanted ‘scale creep’ that had found its way to me. I’ve been plagued by complex estrogen dominance, perimenopause, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, and thyroid issues for years, but this past year my levels in all areas really went out of control. I cannot tell you the fatigue I’ve endured—just getting out of bed in the morning was sometimes nearly impossible. And, oh, the brain fog…this was not good news at all!

Well, by creating my version of the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush magic, I’m ecstatic to report over the past year I’ve lost about 25 lbs!

Just when I thought my news couldn’t get any better, I’m also ecstatic to report I lost about 10 inches, including several from my belly—which despite regular exercise wouldn’t budge! Plus, I’m wearing two dress sizes smaller and recently gave away almost an entire wardrobe of clothes. My energy level and ability to concentrate on my clients and my personal life have vastly improved. Simply amazing!

I believe regularly alternating between the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush helped me to make the Fat Flush family of plans a true eating lifestyle FOR ME—completely fulfilling my needs on every level. Naturally, ALL Fat Flush foods are superstars, but if I had to choose the biggest and best, it would have to be Body Protein. Not only is it delicious and filling, I absolutely credit this unique plant-based formulation for resetting my metabolism and allowing me to lose the weight and keep it off. For a ‘slow as a turtle’ loser like me, this is truly magical!

Although the combinations of berries you can use in smoothies are literally endless, two of my absolute favorites are blackberries and raspberries with a pinch of ginger, and cinnamon, strawberries, and blueberries with a squeeze of lime. During our local farmers’ market season, I like to freeze fresh berries in single serving portions to enjoy all year. When my supplies run out, I look for Cascadian Farms and Woodstock Farms on sale at my local organic food store.

I’m also thrilled to report I’ve been recently told by my health care practitioner:

• My thyroid is finally on its way to being balanced again!
• I no longer fit the profile for metabolic syndrome!
• I no longer have PCOS (I am cyst- and fibroid-free!)
• My osteopenia is improving!

I cannot tell you wonderful it feels to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing my success with the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush plans with my Meal Planning Maven clients—who in turn are experiencing fantastic results! My journey has given me the unique ability to understand what others with frustrating medical issues and/or the inability to lose weight (and keep it off) endure, which allows me to be an important partner in their own success stories.”

The Smoothie Shakedown is a wonderful program to catapult you on your own journey to optimum health and wellness—and you can continue to enjoy mouth-watering Fat Flush Body Protein fruit smoothies long after you’ve reached and maintained your goals.

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Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty books including The Fat Flush Plan series and her latest book, Radical Metabolism. She’s been rewriting the rules of nutrition for more than 40 years and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of diet, detox and women’s health issues. 

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  1. lou pletka

    I did fat flush several yrs ago and want to do again, I am on natural thyroid meds when should I take meds cause I need 30 or more mins before the special fiber drink. Do I take meds before or after the drink

  2. Administrator

    You can take meds at least 45 minutes before the Long Life Cocktail as per Dr. ALG’s latest Fat Flush reprint.

  3. Marsha Tennyson

    Hi, I lost 30 pounds about 3 years ago on fat flush and loved the diet. I did not continue with the eating plan for very long. I have gained it back and have tried to diet last year on fat flush and other diets with almost no results. One reason is I became a vegetarian. I now can not make myself eat meat and with my very busy schedule I don’t have time to cook. Can I just do drinks 3 times a day. Or what meal could I have that would help me lose weight. I always lost when I ate meat. I don thave time to eat a lot of different things like are in the book. I just want to get through my day and not be hungry, lose weight and be healthy. It all seems so complicated. Please help. If we could have a fat flush day without meat that would be great. Thanks

  4. Administrator

    You are a perfect candidate for our smoothie shakedown. Check it out on Its an ultra Fat Flush and can be done without meat if you use poultry or fish as your protein for the one meal daily.

  5. Wini

    I am diabetic. Is it safe to do the fruit flush. Sounds like a lot of sugar.

  6. Sierra

    Wini, there are a lot of natural sugars in fruit, however this plan utilizes those fruits lowest on the glycemic index. I would also recommend the Fat Flush Kit supplements along with the diet plan, as they have a fabulous regulating effect on your blood sugar levels. Many diabetics have had great success on this plan, under the supervision of their doctor 🙂

  7. dani

    Can I use the regular Fat Flush Whey Protein powder instead of the Fat Flush pea protein? Oddly, the Whey seems to keep me from getting hungry longer than the other.

  8. Debbie Love

    I loved the above story. However, I was under the impression that you’re either ON the Fat Flush Program or you’re not. I’m not familiar with the Fat Flush “family of plans’ that the author is referring to although it sounds very interesting and I’m very intrigued. In addition, what is the “body protein” that’s referred to in the article? Thanks for your help.

  9. Debbie Love

    (I’ve already left a comment but it’s not showing so I’m writing it again…hope this doesn’t mess things up!)

    In the above article, Linda talks about the Fat Flush “family of plans”. This is a totally new concept to me. I’ve always thought that you were either on the Fat Flush program (or Detox Plan or Shakedown Plan) or not. In other words, to be a Fat Flusher, one had to follow the Fat Flush plan or one very similar to it (all of which were difficult to stick with). What is the “family of plans”? In addition, what is the “body protein”? Is it a subset of the Fat Flush plan, a menu plan, etc.? I love what Ann has to offer and have every one of her books and have even met her at the Green House in Texas. However, I have ALWAYS found the Fat Flush Program very hard to do and, therefore, have never stuck with it so I’m very interested in anything “new” that I may have missed that may make the program easier for me. Thanks for any feedback you can provide. Debbie

  10. Sierra

    Dani- you certainly can use the Fat Flush Whey Protein. If that formula keeps you full, more power to ya! Make sure you are snacking on the approved veggies and getting your two eggs as well 🙂
    Debbie- The ‘Family of Plans’ is just a reference to all the detox and diet programs that Dr. Ann Louise has created with Fat Flushing principals in mind. The Body Protein is a vegan formula- very clean and very satisfying. It can be used in substitution for the Whey Protein in any of ALG’s plans. She created it within the last couple years to help those who have dairy and soy allergies, are vegetarian/vegan, etc. The Fat FLush Body Protein is also the staple of the Smoothie Shakedown Program, which sounds like just the ticket for you. It is a simplified, on the go version of Fat Flush- which is definitely easier to follow and a great introduction for anyone who is interested in Fat Flushing 🙂 Hope this helps you!

  11. Billie

    Hiya ppl…. i live in Gibraltar and can not get Ann’s fat flush body protein is ok to use normal or organic protein instead??? 🙁

    • liz

      Do the best you can. You can also lose weight following the Fat Flush Plan, which uses food more than smoothies, as meals.


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