The Earthing Phenomenon

February 23, 2011

sb10065241r-001“Vitamin G” reduces stress, promotes sleep, and relieves inflammation.

As a pioneer in the US cable TV industry, Clint Ober was intimately familiar with the role of grounding to protect the integrity and clarity of transmissions. After his retirement, Ober began to wonder if there was any need for humans, like all electrical systems—including cable TV—to be grounded in order to function effectively. He had suddenly become aware that most humans wear shoes with plastic or rubber soles that insulated them form the earth’s natural electrical field, the same field that provides the stable ground for electrical systems.

He wondered if human health could be affected in some way by the disconnect from the natural electrical energy always present on the surface of the Earth. Humans evolved barefoot. They walked barefoot or used hides (leather) on their feet, permitting conduction of earth’s surface energy into their bodies. They slept on the earth or on conductive hides.

Ober’s curiosity motivated him to explore whether we needed the connection to Mother Earth in order to be healthy and balanced. It’s now been over ten years and millions of dollars since he tested his theories. The results are nothing less than extraordinary.

Noted cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD, says, “I regard Earthing as the greatest health breakthrough in all my years in medical practice. Regular grounding (another name for Earthing) restores the body’s natural electrical state, calms the nervous system, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation. No pill on Earth can do what Mother Earth does!”

Inflammation—the culprit in chronic health problems from cardiovascular disease to cancer—is no match for Earthing. Electrons from the Earth act as natural antioxidants by neutralizing positively charged inflammatory free radicals.

Get Your Vitamin G
Here’s an example of what people typically discover when grounding themselves with the patented Earthing Fitted Sheets (available in king, queen, full, and twin sizes), the Earthing Bed Pad, the Earthing Universal Mat, and Earthing Body Bands:

• “I find that I sleep so-o-o-o much better. My schedule is erratic and the Earthing Bed Pad is helping me get the rest I need.”

• “I have been able to get off my thyroid medication thanks to the Earthing Bed Pad.”

• “No more anxiety and I am so much more relaxed.”

• “I sleep grounded every night. It keeps my inflammation in check and helps me to be as healthy as possible

• “My cortisol levels are now balanced for the first time in years. I feel less anxious and relaxed. The only difference in my lifestyle has been the Eathing Fitted Sheets I use every night.”

• “If I’m not grounded, after about 10 minutes I get hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.”

• “Aches and pains disappeared almost overnight.”

• “My husband had knee surgery, and I gave him the Earthing Bed Pad. He healed very quickly from the pain and his recovery time has been shorter also.”

• “Since grounding myself, I have found my brain operates clearer.”

• “My energy is great. After a year [Earthing], I had a checkup with my doctor, and he was amazed at my excellent health, given my age.”

• “The results have been remarkable. I have my life back again.”

• “I still have my electrosensitivity, but I can live with it and function pretty normally as long as I stay grounded.”

• “I can move freely. I am addicted to Earthing.”

• “Four years later, I am still pain free. This thing has literally changed my life!”

• “Nothing has ever worked for me like Earthing. It has really helped my quality of life.”

Earthing products are made from conductive fabric or materials. They come with a ground cord that you can insert directly into the ground port of any electrical wall outlet or connect to an optional ground rod (included with each sheet, along with a user’s guide and free copy of Earthing).

A brand new study will be published this spring about the impact of Earthing on thyroid function. I wouldn’t be surprised if Earthing becomes the latest novel approach to weight loss. So, what are you waiting for?

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  1. WL

    I’ve been using the earthing pad for more than 3 months and didn’t notice any improvements on my sleep and overall health. any suggestions? thanks!

  2. Liz

    The effect is cumulative. You do want to make sure that you have bare skin or very light night clothes that are touching the area of the bed pad so that the free electrons will actually be transferred. You can get a Product Tester to check how it is working too.
    I have been using my bed pad for about a year and I have deeper sleep and feel more rested. It did take me a few months to really get all the effects.

  3. Faye

    First of all I was born not evolved barefoot. I haven’t tried Earthing but does sound interesting. We should let our podiatrists know because they say NOT to go barefoot.

  4. Liz

    Earthing is a must experience! I really like direct contact with the Body Bands. It can be used near the site of discomfort and really helps with inflammation. It’s interesting that getting back to pre-civilization practices that were naturally used for thousands of years have so many benefits for our bodies. Look at the advantages many runners are finding with shoes that are almost like going barefoot.

  5. Karen


    I appreciate your informative posts here. Alas my income allows me to check books out of the library and not much more. When I can afford it, I am wondering a little more about the body bands. Do you just use one at a time, or can you use all three at once? It looks to me that the body bands might be a little more useful for me than the mat (going with the cheapest possiblity of course initially).

    I loved Zapped. In fact it has been the first non-fiction book that I have read from cover to cover without stopping. I have been reading almost all non-fiction for 45 yrs and 90% of that reading has been about health. I haven’t read all of Dr. Gittleman’s books but way more than half, and some of those I have read repeatedly. This blog is my favorite health blog and I frequently advise people to read it. I am on the hold list for the Earthing book.

    Are the bands portable enough that they can be used in bed, in front of a computer, on the couch for the occassional TV show etc? Thanks.

  6. Liz

    Karen – The bands are completely portable and a great way to experience the benefits of Earthing. I use mine all the ways your mentioned. You can wear more than one at a time, you just need to get an additional cord. The kit comes with 3 bands of different sizes and one cord.

  7. Judy

    Excellent article–thanks! Do you know when and where the thyroid/earthing study will be published? I’m almost 2 months into using the earthing mat most of the day/night and have been on daily thyroid med for years. About 2 weeks after beginning to use the mat, I started to feel better than I had in a very long time.

    Now I think I might be going hyperthyroid, based on symptoms I just started having within the past 2 days. Although it’s unpleasant to be overmedicated (if that’s what is going on), it would be a great thing in the end, if earthing really can help me reduce or eliminate thyroid meds. And I notice the testimonial in this article about the person who was able to discontinue thyroid meds.

    If I can do that, then I will for sure agree that earthing is the best health discovery ever, especially considering that from day 1 of being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the doctors told me that I’d be dependent on thyroid med for the rest of my life. I’d love to prove them wrong! Thanks again for putting such valuable information out there!

  8. Darden Burns

    Many people including myself have negative effects from Earthing. I was very enthusiastic about this concept after reading Clinton Ober’s book. I tried the products for 3 weeks and had a serious aggravation of fibromyalgia, brain fog, insomnia and fatigue. 8 other individuals I personally know reported negative effects from using the products. The effects are cumulative and caution should be exercised when using. This is definitely not a therapy for everyone.

    • Mary-Anne Reed

      I think it’s possible you were going through detox and needed to cut back and go through it more slowly. I also have Fibromyalgia and am going through detox via using Earthing products. People with Fibromyalgia have a lot of debris in their bodies. It takes time and patience to get through it. Anyway, these are my thoughts on it. Blesings

    • Ian

      Same here – My wife and I have been using a full size earthing sheet and mat to use with the computer,for the past two weeks and both of us have found the results to be quite the opposite of what everyone else seems to be reporting – we have been having restless sleep, headaches and generally feeling unwell with no improvement in aches and pains (I have Fibromyalgia) and no improvement in my wife’s chronic respiratory problems. We will try for a while longer as it has been suggested that these ill effects are due to the body detoxifying. However, if things don’t improve, we will have to stop using the earthing products. We had such high hopes for this but very disappointed thus far.

  9. Liz

    Darden; Sorry to hear about your experience. Perhaps your circuit was not clean and had some dirty electricity coming through. This has to do with the house wiring. The only way to check is with a meter. Dr. Ann Louise talks about this in her book Zapped. When you use a grounding rod outside to connect your Earthing product, you want to keep it 20 feet away from underground wiring, especially where the electricity comes into the house. This electrical pollution can be the source of any negative effects you received. It sound like you got more inflammation, not less. Most people drastically reduce their inflamation because of the free electrons. Earthing has been a tremendous help to me and to everyone I know. My cousin has fibromyalgia and she had the first good night’s sleep in years when she started earthing.

  10. Jackie

    What is the difference between earthing mats and the pendants that several companies put out (Q-Link and Gia Wellness/BioPro come to mind)? Aren’t they all intended to bring the body’s frequency back to the Schumann Resonance? (I think that’s what it’s called.)

  11. Sierra

    Jackie- the Earthing technology puts you in direct contact with the electrical potential of the Earth’s surface so that you are able to receive negatively charged electrons that will neutralize the positively charged free radicals in your body. This will reduce inflammation and chronic pain, speed up recovery time, and help you feel rested and refreshed after sleeping!

  12. Sierra

    I would caution that do-it-yourself devices may put you at an extreme risk for injury by electrical shock. Extensive research and safety testing has been conducted for the Barefoot line of Earthing products. I recommend leaving this one to the professionals!

  13. Christian

    I researched earthing therapy and created my own device to ground myself. The theory is sound but the effects on my body have been less than desirable. I do feel I sleep much deeper but in the 3 weeks in a row of using the system I developed severe swelling in my left knee. No noticeable improvements in my daily fatigue (adrenal exhaustion) but I did notice an increase in daily anxiety. My advise is using this therapy sparingly and limit it to only an hour a day at most.

    • Sierra

      I don’t know the specifics of your self-made design, but it is possible that you are subjecting yourself to dirty electricity somehow, and that may be the underlying cause of those undesirable symptoms. I recommend sticking to barefoot walks on the beach or in the grass, or using the Earthing Products, which are very carefully researched and designed.

  14. Pam

    I have been using the earthing products for almost two weeks.For a shoulder injury and some inflammation. It seems to make the places of pain more painful. At night I have to take off the pad because it gets too painful. Not sure why, I tested the outlets I use. Anyone know of any reasons why this could be happening? Thanks.

    • Sierra

      If you have a very sensitive system, it may be best to reduce the amount of time you’re using the earthing products. Begin with twenty minute sessions, maybe 3 times per day. I hope this is helpful for you.

      • kitty stubbe

        WEll, I love grounding sheets….Cant do without them!I sleep on them each and every night just not when there is a thunderstorm, just being a bit careful.I must say that I do not trust the people who put in such negative comments.I could not sleep in my house for over a year…the situation was very bad indeed..and we found no explanation I live in the Netherlands.i started to use a grounding sheet in my bed and now i feel sooo much better I am a lymepatiënt and had a severe accident as well..the situation was hopeless at night .i did not believe in grounding sheets since i red all these negative comments and critical articles..i still bought one and it saved my life.i have no more pain, nightmairs heartpalpetations etc. since i sleep on this sheet.i feel 100 percent better.I hate it that i cant really use it during thunderstorms since i cant sleep without my sheet anymore….I am angry about the critical blogs since they claim that since a resistance is build into the wire you cant connect to earth eather….etc…these are false claims.Must be!!!I have eperienced this for a long time now and earthing really is something i cant do without anymore.i felt like death before using it…was sick day and night.So critics explain that.

  15. Vinyasi

    I find Earthing to be everything that people say that it is and more…. It’s the beginning of a whole new field of research on free energy: the free energy of the Earth applied directly to our body. As a passive device, Earthing requires no switch to turn it on beyond mere connection. And the concept is so simple, a single wire connecting ourselves to the Earth. But wait; there’s more. What if we use a living tree as our grounding rod? What if we put a thin silk sheet over our Earthing bedsheet? And what if we put a tiny transformer inline with our grounded connection?

    • Team ALG

      There is much to research about Earthing. It is likely that there will be studies of the nature you are referring to that will provide us with more insight. The potential of Earthing is limitless!

  16. Earth Grounding Sheets

    If you use earthing grounding sheets, then your circulation improves, aiding in the delivery of oxygen and including better blood flow to your face. These sheets are helpful to reduce your stress and decrease the level of inflammation and pain. Thanks for sharing the post!


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