When I’m in a funk, I automatically reach for comfort foods like mac and cheese. Unfortunately, I spent most of the dreary winter that way, and now that spring’s here, I’m afraid to even think about how I’ll look in shorts. And that just makes me want to eat more carbs! Is there anything that can help?

Good news: Research in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice reports that taking 400 mg of chromium daily alleviates the blue moods that trigger carb cravings. The mineral improves the body’s use of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. And when blood sugar is balanced, mood swings and cravings cease. Better yet, this dose speeds metabolism by up to-seven times, reducing body fat by about 10 percent and increasing calorie-hungry lean muscle mass. Chromium is found only in trace amounts in food, so a supplement is needed to reach the proven dose. (Choose a brand that contains chromate polynicotinate, one of the best absorbed forms of the mineral.) One to try: Fat FlushWeight Loss Formula , at UniKeyHealth.com

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