Episode 70
A.G.E.-less Chef – Episode 70: Sandra Woodruff

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Sandra Woodruff

Join Ann Louise and best-selling author Sandra Woodruff for a fascinating look at the remarkable discovery made by medical researchers at Rockefeller University which will change diets forever.  When trying to uncover why patients with diabetes were prone to devastating complications like heart disease, Dr. Helen Vlassara and her research team discovered compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs) which only enter the body through the diet. For years, these amazing studies remained virtually unknown to the public, until now.  Take a deep dive into this discussion with Ann Louise and Dr. Vlassara’s co-author Sandra Woodruff to understand the harmful effects of AGEs, how to carefully select foods and cooking techniques to banish them from your cooking style.

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Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D, CNS
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