Episode 74
Fit Past 50 – Episode 74: Kris Gethin

Ann Louise Gittleman Interviews Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is an international personal trainer and nutritionist who has transformed clients ranging from Bollywood celebs to world-champion UFC fighters. Kris has been voted the world's #1 trainer by PT Academy and Bodybuilding.com. Join Ann Louise and Kris as they discuss the best exercises to do as we age, how to stay fit even during lockdown and how to effectively ‘biohack’ your environment!  You will be inspired with Kris’ down to earth and simple suggestions on how to maintain lean muscle mass as we get older and his recommendations for the best plant-based protein powder to supplement our diet.  Kris aspires to help as many people live a healthy, more fulfilling life by raising the bar on health and fitness education through his books, video trainers, blogs, YouTube videos, and show, The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast.  His most recent book is “MAN OF IRON.”

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