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Beyond the Pill: Contraception Goes Digital

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Technology is changing the conversation around birth control for women. If you are one of the millions of women searching for safe, effective contraception, then this may be the most exciting thing you read all year. Natural Cycles has been approved as a class IIb medical device by a German-based certification organization, and was classified as a contraceptive in the European Union earlier this year. It is in the same Read More

The Drug/Depression Connection

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Why birth control pills are not good for mental health. I have been concerned—no, make that worried—about the nutrient depletion impact of meds for years. Many anti-depressants can make us fat while others impact our ability to exercise (like statins). So—to get the low down on which class of drugs might be making us depressed, I turned to my friend the Natural Pharmacist Ross Pelton who wrote The Drug-Induced Nutrient Read More