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The Toxic Truth About MRI

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Marcie Jacob was a fighter. Her story starts in 2001, with her first MRI. She had a strong family history of breast cancer, and decided that regular MRI screening was her best option for prevention. Before each MRI, she was injected with a Gadolinium-based contrast agent, to make images as clear and detailed as possible. After only a few scans, she started experiencing unusual cognitive symptoms. Soon she found herself Read More

Fat Flush 365

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The Seasonal Reset Diet for Summer Weight Loss You want to know the secret of the most successful dieters?  The ones who lost the weight quickly and kept it off for years?  The ones who gained confidence…who light up a room and exude vitality from a mile away? Well, the good news is, there’s a simple recipe: A diet plan that evolves with your progress and the changing of the Read More

Pumpkin Power!

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Seasonal Strategy for Fall Superfoods. The influence of the seasons on the delicate balance of your body is one of the most vital but overlooked aspects of total health. There is an amazing organic synchronicity between the foods that grow naturally in your locale in each season and the physiological challenges presented by the changes in weather, daylight hours, and plummeting temperatures. Besides, buying foods that are in season (www.FruitandVeggiesMoreMatters.org tells Read More

Supercharge Your Lymph

Brush Your Way to Summer Beauty. Last week’s blog was so popular, it inspired me to discuss another—more advanced lymph flow technique—that is perfect for summer beauty! The dry skin brush massage is a wellness technique highlighted in my books, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan and Fat Flush for Life. One of  the most effective detox techniques, dry brush massage can help you achieve your weight loss goal by stimulating lymph flow, Read More

Fresh Start to Lose 10, 15, 20 Pounds, Fast!

Reset metabolism for spring cleaning. With swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s time to get your body bikini-ready. The latest research suggests some smart ways to turbo-charge weight loss in just a few weeks. “Energy presented in liquid form can have satiating power,” says recent research in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Adding fiber to low-carb foods helps suppress appetite and allows you to control what you Read More

Fat Flush for Fall

Vegetarian proteins increase energy, reset metabolism, decrease diabetes. Tis’ the season to go vegetarian – at least for the next three months – and experience for yourself the amazing health benefits of plant proteins! My year-round super detox weight loss plan, as detailed in Fat Flush for Life, introduces a unique 3-month autumn vegetarian diet that features plant proteins, which reset metabolism. Groundbreaking new studies support the wisdom of choosing Read More

Rejuvenate Your Body with a Spring Cleanse

Seasonal detox flushes out hormone-disrupting toxins that make you fat. Male fish producing eggs, beluga whales with both male and female organs, male frogs turning into females—this is scary stuff! And now scientists are discovering similar problems in humans. “Testosterone levels are down 16% in men,” researcher Theo Colburn, professor emeritus at the University of Florida in Gainesville, told NPR last week, “and sperm counts have dropped by half in Read More

Agave Ain’t Good!

Lots of news to report. From the homefront, I am happy to report that I just completed another book in the Fat Flush series which, G-d willing, will be in bookstores in December. This book, Fat Flush for Life, will offer a wellness plan and brand new recipes, some major protocol and fitness tweaks – all designed to make your weight loss results last for a lifetime. I can’t wait Read More