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A Taste of Summer

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Cold brews that detoxify and heal. Many folks enjoy drinking refreshing tea in the summertime, but I advise that you steer clear of some of the most common choices. Sweet teas, as you’d assume, are loaded with sugar. The green and black variety should also be avoided, as an increasing body of studies have shown them to be more likely to be contaminated with aluminum fluoride from pesticides and fertilizers. Read More

Spring Eats

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Whip up a special brunch this weekend. The weekend is upon us! What better time to enjoy a relaxing morning with your loved ones delighting in a delicious (and nutritious) brunch? For some of you, the weather may even be warm enough to set up your spread outside under the spring sunshine. Whether you’re gazing at the budding blooms from inside or out, I’ve prepared a Fat Flush-friendly menu that Read More

Valentine’s Day Treats that Aren’t Cheats

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Sneak peeks from the upcoming NEW Fat Flush Cookbook! The day of love has arrived and whoever you’re spending it with, I hope you have a full heart, a soaring spirit, and a contagious smile all day. For the health conscious, days like today can sometimes feel difficult to stay on track. Maybe someone brought goodies into the office or that dessert menu on the dinner table seems unavoidable. Well, Read More

My Thanksgiving Menu

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You’re invited—dinner’s at 6:00. It’s that time again. Time to talk turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing and sides and pies galore!! Here is the menu I will be serving up this Thanksgiving as my family gathers to celebrate together this year—the first year in a long time since I moved to the Inland Northwest. These recipes reflect some all-time Thanksgiving dish winners that my husband makes every year—that are Read More

Take a Sneak Peak Inside the New Fat Flush Plan!

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Learn what’s in store for this supercharged edition. As October comes to a close, we are officially a month away from the new Fat Flush revolution! Pre-order sales will ship next month and The New Fat Flush Plan will officially hit bookstores nation-wide on December 2nd, 2016! If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, please click here to take advantage of the pre-order discount price. All pre-order sales will also Read More

Snack Box for September

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Healthy snacks for the kids—and you. It’s almost hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already upon us—and with it, the signing off of summer and the return of the school season. As any busy parent knows, it can be no easy task to find snacks that satisfies the kid’s taste buds, while also providing nutritional value that satisfies the parents. As we enter this holiday weekend, I’d like Read More

Fresh Start to Lose 10, 15, 20 Pounds, Fast!

Reset metabolism for spring cleaning. With swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s time to get your body bikini-ready. The latest research suggests some smart ways to turbo-charge weight loss in just a few weeks. “Energy presented in liquid form can have satiating power,” says recent research in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Adding fiber to low-carb foods helps suppress appetite and allows you to control what you Read More

On-the-Go Grocery Shopping Smarts

My tips for healthy choices aisle by aisle. Let’s go shopping! Food shopping, that is. Like many of you, “fast food” is often all my busy schedule allows these days—but I don’t mean the kind that involves a drive through window. Today, I’m sharing with you what ends up in my cart when I head to my local health food store in search of quick snacks and ingredients for simple meals Read More