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Lose Weight Fast, While Living Life On The Go: Smoothie Shakedown

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Whether you are a Fat Flusher for life, or your diet is vegan, vegetarian, raw, Keto, Paleo, low carb or you like juicing, you want to lose weight fast, or you’re just super busy and  need healthy options that are easy to grab on the go, smoothies fill the bill. Based on the latest buzz, green smoothies have become well known as one of the easiest and healthiest “on-the-go” meals Read More

5 Spices that Boost Weight Loss

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Rev your metabolism and burn fat with these delicious staples. If you think a diet plan is synonymous with plain, boring meals, think again. On the Fat Flush Plan weight loss and healthy lifestyle eating is anything but bland. A typical menu is filled with on-the-go lunches, savory favorites, satisfying smoothies, and unique twists you’ll love—packed with such delicious flavors you’ll feel like every meal is an indulgence. Here are Read More

Summer Fat Flushing Detox

Cool down and melt the fat with juicy fruit smoothies! Juicy, succulent fruits, especially berries of all kind—like raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries—are the perfect antidote to rising temperatures. But blueberries, especially, are quite the superfruit these days. In honor of the beautiful blues, July has even been named “National Blueberry Month.” With an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 6552, one cup of blueberries can take care of your minimum daily recommendation of antioxidants Read More

Top 5 Fat Traps

Ignore these and you’ll find yourself on a never-ending cycle. Since my days at The Pritikin Longevity Center during the fat-free craze of the 1980s, I’ve been a firm believer that weight gain is far more complex than just “calories in, calories out.” In fact, this quest for underlying causes has been what’s fueled the last 25 years of my research and the concepts behind over 30 books. From hormone Read More

The Great American Shakedown

Fat Flushing smoothies 1,200 ways. Smoothies are shaking up America! At last count, there are over 6,000 smoothie shops throughout the country, and consumption was up more than 80% within the past five years. Whatever variation of the Fat Flush program you may be following, here’s a handy dandy chart to get you shaking up things yourself right at home. Start with a helping of your favorite “clean” protein powder  (I love Read More

My New Taste of Fat Flush Cookbook is Yours FREE!

Fast, easy meals for life. Dinner is now being served! I’m offering up 30 of my favorite recipes of all time for Fat Flushers and food lovers everywhere. This complimentary recipe collection is brimming with quick-to-fix entrees, mouthwatering sides and dreamy desserts brimming with garden fresh ingredients. You’ll be savoring the tasty health benefits of the amazing omegas while putting a zesty twist on traditional favorites like my Beef and Read More

Why the Grapefruit Diet is Making a Comeback

Solid science backs grapefruit’s slimming properties. The July 30, 2012 Woman’s World is on newsstands now. It features a new and improved grapefruit diet inspired by real studies that prove grapefruit does melt fat! Remember the old grapefruit diet from years back? Well it turns out there may be some solid science behind the grapefruit/weight loss connection after all. Researchers at the famous Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California found Read More

Eating for A’s

Breakfast is for Champions. Three-quarters of American children decide what—if anything—they’ll eat every morning. That’s a problem. “Even nutritional deficiencies of a relatively short-term nature will influence children’s behavior, ability to concentrate, and to perform complex tasks,” Tufts University researchers find. Starting the day with something as easy as a cereal bar can improve memory, mood, and recall, another study shows. Research among junior-high girls find that those who got Read More