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Hormone Rescue

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SOS: for pre, during, and post menopause. Yesterday—to celebrate the upcoming release of the full update of my New York Times Bestseller, Before the Change—I went live on my Facebook page for a Q&A about how to turn hormone havoc into hormone heaven. Your questions were incredibly insightful and I thank you so much for sharing them. We were able to cover a wide variety of topics during that hour Read More

The Hidden Hormone Hazard

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Unraveling the Mystery of Hormone Imposters Many years ago I read a book called Our Stolen Future which sounded the alarm on hormone disruptors in the modern day environment. This pioneering publication identified how synthetic chemicals, like the 70+ pesticides used on fruits and vegetables, could mimic natural hormones. These chemicals, along with the 700,000 tons of pollution released into the air daily, cause birth defects, sexual abnormalities and reproductive failure Read More

Is Low T Your Problem?

The natural solution to igniting the hormone of desire. It’s February. Heart health month and Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Now’s the time to start thinking about rekindling the hormone of desire. You know— the one we hear about on television so much these days. The truth is up to 13 million Americans may have low testosterone levels. Low “T” is getting to be epidemic. Levels decline with age Read More

The Mother of All Hormones?

Recharge your body and your brain. “Mother of All Hormones?” Yes, you read that right, and we’re not talking DHEA here. Without this “mother” hormone your body couldn’t produce other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, or dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), for that matter. The hormone—that nobody is really talking about—has really powerful effects on aging, memory, mood, sexuality, and even sleep. It is the critical building block in the production of all other hormones that you Read More

The Unique Link between Organ Function and Fat Storage

Dear Friends, Today I woke up thinking about….fat. Body fat, to be exact. I am researching a new project – which I think you’re gonna love – and apparently there is some interesting research that links storage sites to glandular and hormone functioning. Years ago, I explored the ayurvedic system of body typing based on Dr. Abravanel’s work. For example, if you are two sizes bigger on the bottom than Read More