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Thyroid Toxins Hidden in Plain Sight

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Detox your thyroid to recharge your energy and boost your metabolism. Thyroid is a big deal. In fact, the latest issue of Woman’s World magazine ran this eye-catching headline: “THYROID DETOX, Boost Metabolism 53%! Lose 15 lbs in 14 days!” So, it’s clear that thyroid is linked to weight loss and a whole host of other issues. Let’s take a closer look. Over 21 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are Read More

Vitamin D Levels & Thyroid Function – Keys to Live Longer

I am becoming more and more fascinated with thyroid and Vitamin D these days after reading that the healthiest individuals in their 90’s shared two things in common: a well functioning thyroid and high Vitamin D levels. The latter can more easily be assessed by asking your doc for a Vitamin D blood test. Levels above 50 are ideal, although more conservative physicians think that 30 is OK. In any Read More