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Sunscreen Savvy

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Why nutrition equals safe sun. It’s amazing. Before the 1930s skin cancer was a non-entity unlike today where melanoma is up nearly 2000%. Yet, back in the day approximately 75% of the workforce held jobs that kept them outside during the day, while today that number is only around 10%. Why? Because before “safe sun” lotions and potions, nature was the skin’s miracle worker. For some time, we’ve learned to Read More

Does Sunscreen Cause More Harm than Good?

You may not be receiving the protection you thought you were. Americans have a long-running love affair with sunscreen. These days you can choose if you want a lotion, a spray, or a mist. After a trip down the makeup isle you’ll be getting SPF just from powdering your nose. And who needs SPF 30 when you could have SPF 90? It almost seems like we’ve become “afraid” of the Read More